For your consideration…

When I am not churning out posts about rain and mud, or dog-walking in Beetley, I am usually beavering away at ideas for articles about my real love- Film and Cinema. Sometimes, I just abandon them, as they are not working, or not getting across what I can hear in my head. On other occasions, I have been lucky enough to get them published as reviews or articles on sites outside the blogging world that I normally inhabit.
Today, I have had another article published on so I am taking this opportunity to give it a blatant plug. If you like films, and are interested in British gangsters and character actors, this might interest you. If not, it almost certainly won’t. Please have a look, and comment on that site, if you feel the desire to do so. Here’s a link.


15 thoughts on “For your consideration…

  1. I won’t have a chance till later to read the British Hard Men article in full and am looking forward to it – in the meantime I’ve “liked” the moment you created here when Ollie’s gentle, rain-soaked master comes in from the Beetley mud and crosses the threshold into his other world. Cinematic writing in its own right.


  2. Pete, thank you for the link in your post here today.. Very interesting and brought back many memories..

    Take care and happy blogging to ya, from Laura ~


      1. Sue, if you click my name on Curnblog, (contributors) you will find an article on German Cinema. On my own blog, there are articles about Russian, Japanese, Italian, French, and Scandinavian films, also those from Eastern Europe. Just hit the Film and Cinema category, and scroll down.
        Best wishes, Pete.


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