Significant Songs (60)

Gettin’ In The Way.

Very few female Jazz singers manage to cross over from that somewhat claustrophobic genre into the mainstream of music. Jill Scott started out as a poet, reading her poems in a performance style. She later collaborated as a songwriter and vocalist with other artists, before releasing her first record in 2000. Depending on where you read it, you will find her described variously as a Soul singer, Rap artist, or Hip-Hop performer. For my money, she is a Jazz singer, undeniably. The style may be modern, the constructions might seem familiar to some rappers you have heard, and the overall effect does sometimes sound like sung poetry; but believe me, it’s Jazz.
There is a great voice in there, showcasing real talent, good songwriting ability, and a style bordering on unique. She is almost her own musical genre, and she has acted in films and on TV too. Issues with her record company caused a gap in her output, but she continues to record and perform today. This is far from the usual kind of song featured on this blog, but I felt that I had to include this one, purely for the effect that it had on me, almost fifteen years ago.

8 thoughts on “Significant Songs (60)

    1. She is well known to be outspoken about the way women are treated in the lyrics of rap songs David. I think this was tongue in cheek, but I found it remarkably infectious, whatever the motives.
      Glad you liked it though.
      Best wishes, Pete.


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