Significant Songs (62)


I have been putting this off for some time, but I have to tell you that I am a huge fan of Madonna. Not that I am ashamed of this fact, it is just that I really couldn’t choose which song to use, to symbolise her long recording career, and how it has impacted on me over the years. Few solo artists have managed to re-invent themselves into so many varied guises, set new trends, or capture the mood of the music scene at just the right time.

From becoming noticed in the early 1980s, with worldwide hits like ‘Holiday’, and ‘Lucky Star’ through to dance hits such as ‘Hung Up’, she has been consistently successful, and still records into her fifties. She has been controversial of course, with religious themes, nudity, and sex all featuring heavily in her records and accompanying videos. She has also acted in films, some good, some very bad, and produced books and documentaries about her life. Most people liked her at some stage; one image, one musical style, or another. She never tried to hide her ambition, and the control that she eventually took over her career. As a performer, she is uncompromising, but always experimenting with fresh ideas.

Most readers will have some opinion about her; either like her, or dislike her intently. She tends to divide people in that way. I have always found her attractive, sexy, and more importantly, talented. Other than David Bowie, I cannot think of anyone who has endured for more than thirty years, by not just bringing us what we expect to see and hear. I chose this track for the video, more than the song. It is in black and white, gets the style and mood exactly right, and also features paintings by my favourite artist, Tamara de Lempicka. Strike a pose!


14 thoughts on “Significant Songs (62)

  1. I have four of her CD’s: “The Immaculate Collection,” “Bedtime Stories,” “Ray of Light,” and “American Life.” I even have “The Immaculate Collection” DVD featuring all the videos, including “Vogue,” which is an excellent choice.


    1. It took me along time to decide on ‘Vogue’ David. I was originally going with ‘Open Your Heart’, and changed at the last minute. I like her cheeky looks to camera in ‘Vogue’, and the classy production of the video.
      Regards from Norfolk. Pete.


  2. I soo agree with you on this one. Madonna transcends all boundaries in music and fashion. The new artists right now owe their fame to Madonna who broke all the rules, setting the stage for change for many artists that came after her


  3. Why is it that as I read this, i only remember one song by Madonna. Papa Don’t Preach, used to listen to this when the kids were growing up because they liked the tune of it.


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