Blogging fatigue

I am tired tonight. It is only 9.20pm, and I am already feeling like having a very early night. During the last week, I have travelled around a lot, and written a fair few posts on this blog. I have kept up with followers, and the blogs that I follow, and I have also worked on a long article for publication elsewhere. Many hours at the keyboard have taken their toll, and I am lacking the inspiration and energy to carry on for now.
Every word seems to take an age to type, and I have no fresh ideas in my head. I am temporarily blogged out, and despite having a few works in progress in my draft folder, I cannot muster the wherewithal to carry them through. I am happy enough, but I just cannot do it for a while. I need a long sleep, and an injection of vitality. See you in a couple of days. Take care, Pete.

26 thoughts on “Blogging fatigue

  1. There is such a thing as mental fatigue. Fortunately, the brain is also simmering with ideas and bursting with energy at times. My blog consists mostly of short limericks, but sometimes I spend hours writing them. That’s why I don’t write one every day!


    1. David, I can well imagine the work involved in your amusing and well-structured limericks.I don’t doubt that they are no less tiring than knocking out 2000 words about something already in one’s head.
      Keep up the good work!
      Best wishes, Pete.


      1. Pete, giggling across the pond.. I’m the same way I must admit.. I wanted to take time off back in November and missed just one day off from blogging. I think it was more of a brain fog (term from a Tom Hanks movie, the title escapes me at the moment.) But, Meg Ryan was in it too, and there was a volcano involved. Take care and happy blogging ( resting) to ya, from Laura ~


          1. Pete, that’s right.. Thanking you kindly for the title.. Listening to your friend Brian’s video right now and they are really great.. Then I shall listen to Gary.. Love great music.. thank you for this treat for the ears this afternoon..

            Take care.. from Laura


          2. Thanks Laura. Sadly, the sound is not great for Brian, but the Gary Moore version is a studio recording, and quite excellent!
            Best wishes, Pete. (It’s after 9pm here…)


  2. Blogging should be fun and when it becomes “work” then it’s time to step back for a day or two, or as long as you need. Get some rest and do something else for awhile. Best to you.


  3. Have a good rest Pete, hopefully the sun will shine soon and that will help re-energise you (and me!), I’m not going anywhere and maybe this will give me a chance to catch up with your posts!!
    Jude xx


  4. I have posted almost 800 stories in just over three years. I have, on several occasions, wondered if anyone was interested. Then I get a comment that is unexpected and motivating. Once you take a rest, it will be good for you to get positive reactions on your return.


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