Significant Songs (64)

Still Got The Blues

My self-imposed exile from blogging has been interrupted. Although I felt I needed some time away, events have overtaken me, and cannot be ignored. My close friend Brian has been singing in bands, and playing piano and harmonica, for as long as I can remember. I have known him since I was 17, and we have been through a great deal together. I was best man at his wedding, and he was at mine. He has endured numerous medical problems throughout his life, and his health is still not great. He has finally decided to stop singing live, and has recorded his ‘farewell concert’ on You Tube. I really hope that it is not his last outing as a singer, but for now, I have to accept his decision.

The sound, recorded in a pub, is not great, and does not do his vocal talents justice. He chooses to sing one of my favourite songs though, and as he began, I could feel myself welling up. Gary Moore was a real Blues man. A great guitarist, and accomplished vocalist. He was born in Northern Ireland, in the same year as me, but he sadly died in 2011. He played with many bands, and guested with world-famous artists. But he was best known, here at least, for being part of Thin Lizzy. His guitar work is exemplary, and his rendition of this particular track is one of the greatest blues records ever made.

That my friend chose to include it in his farewell concert is especially relevant. I have decided to include the Gary Moore original and then a link to Brian’s gig as well. Please enjoy them both.

12 thoughts on “Significant Songs (64)

  1. Pete: As you say, the sound’s not so great on the farewell concert but the atmosphere makes up for it somewhat. I also enjoyed Gary Moore’s soulful rendition. Death where is thy sting? Everywhere. Particularly among immensely talented musicians. Brian x


    1. The atmosphere was very good Brian, and I only mentioned the sound for the benefit of those who do not know how well you usually come over! I hope that it will not be the last time you grace a stage though old friend. x


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