Significant Songs (65)


Some singers arrive on the scene to great interest, and critical acclaim. They make a few records, and then just seem to disappear without trace. I am often left wondering, ‘what happened to him?’, or ‘where did she go?’. Joe Brown is a singer in Britain, best known for his early work as a Rock and Roll artist, during the early 1960s. His London accent, cheeky demeanour, and street-urchin looks also gained him some acting roles, alongside a string of pop record successes. He continues to perform today well into his 70s, and has a dedicated following.

In 1964, he and his wife had a daughter. She was named Samantha, and became known as Sam. She followed her Dad into music, and soon became a backing singer before she was even fifteen. Her efforts were noticed, and she was signed by A&M Records, in 1986. Her first album, released in 1988, contained this record, and had the same title. It was well-received, but only moderately successful. It had to be released again, a year later, before it caught the imagination of the record-buyers, and went into the top ten here. I liked it a great deal, and played it all the time. I loved her ‘English’ sound, and thought her vocal range was admirable. She was also nice to look at, and came across as a very nice person in interviews. In 1990, she released another good single, ‘Kissing Gate’, from her second album, and again, I thought it was excellent. I imagined that she would soon get her break, and easily become the next big thing in the UK. But that didn’t happen. Arguments with her recording company stalled her progress, and she continued to perform, but with no widespread success. And that was more or less it, until…

In 2004, the makers of the Bridget Jones film sequel, ‘Edge of Reason’ wanted to use the song. Instead of Sam’s version, they approached the singer Jamelia, and asked her to record it. On the back of the film, it was a huge success, and made the charts in numerous countries. It was a good version, true to the original, and probably made the writers, including Sam Brown, a lot of money. The trouble is, that everyone now thinks it is a Jamelia song, or only knows it from the film soundtrack. Sam’s original version has been consigned to history, unknown, and unloved. I want to rectify this, so here is the wonderful Ms Brown performing the song, on the official video release. It’s not a great video, but shut your eyes, and appreciate the voice. Sam is still working, now aged 50. Good luck to her.

6 thoughts on “Significant Songs (65)

      1. Pete, I really liked this song, which, as the video suggests, does have a C&W flavor. I thought the video was quite funny. Sam Brown would have looked great on celluloid, and would have been the perfect fit for a western. Assuming, of course, she could act.


        1. Yes, it did have a Country feel, for sure. I don’t think she ever did any acting. She does still perform though, and is heavily involved in Ukulele playing, and the promotion of that instrument. She no longer dyes her hair blonde unfortunately…
          Best wishes, Pete. (I have another UK chanteuse coming up, and I doubt you will know her- Teaser!)


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