Film articles: Another one

I tried to resist the urge to be a self-publicist, but it overwhelmed me. I have been lucky enough to have another article published on James Curnow’s film and cinema website,

It is specialist subject as usual, and this time concerns war films in foreign languages, with subtitles. If you can stifle your yawns long enough, please follow the link and have a look.
Any comments on the original site will be most welcome. Thanks in anticipation, Pete.

8 thoughts on “Film articles: Another one

    1. I had a feeling you might be a fan of that film, given some aspects of your work Jane. For unusual imagery, you might like The Red and The White, but it is the Chinese films that are really worth seeing.
      Best wishes as always, Pete. x


  1. Pete, never resist the urge to bring a part of history to us here on WordPress. My grandfather would have been proud of you for your vast article on this subject of war. He fought in WW1, but returned to a sullen silence about his time there. The films shot in black and white do portray the contents of the movie best, I think. The stark difference of the tank parked in a field of sunflowers was amazingly sad. This was a wonderful talented write up for website, and of course I can see why they eagerly published your piece. Congrats my friend, and never resist in the future to bring us all to your articles.

    Take care and happy blogging to ya, from Laura ~


    1. Thanks Laura. Your comments are very kind, and much appreciated as always. I am glad that you liked this article, and that you think your late Grandfather would have enjoyed it too.
      Best wishes from England. Pete.

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