The Fluffy Gown: Some sad news

As so many of you were kind enough to read and comment on the post ‘My New Fluffy Gown’, I thought you might like to hear about a sad event concerning this cosy wraparound item of clothing.

As you know, I was exceptionally pleased with this gift, and was soon wearing it at all times. It then dawned on me that it needed a wash. It was so comfortable, it was all too easy to overlook how many days I had been wearing it. I popped it into the machine with some other items, and waited patiently for the cycle to complete.

Impatience on my part gave rise to carelessness. Wanting to be able to wear it again that evening, I loaded it into the tumble drier, neglecting to check the label correctly. When all the stuff was dry, I put it away, and later that evening, happily donned my new gown, anticipating comfort and contentment.
DISASTER! It had shrunk. A look at the label showed me that it was not suitable for tumble drying. How stupid of me, to make such a basic laundry error.

It does still fit me, and it is still warm and cosy. But the reduction in size has reduced the all-important ‘snuggle factor’, and I am no longer able to completely wrap it around my legs, as I type this. So dear readers, be warned. If you have a special item of clothing that is expensive or impossible to replace, take great care with it.

And always read the labels.


24 thoughts on “The Fluffy Gown: Some sad news

  1. I’m trying to shake the image from my head of you standing outside with your exposed legs and one arm around your waist holding your garment closed, signing for an Amazon parcel, but it makes me laugh so maybe I’ll keep it.


  2. Oh no, my heart bleeds for you! You definitely need a new one. Reading labels, I don’t read labels too but we only have a spin dry in our washing machine, not a full drier so I hang them on a line behind the house under full sun, the delicate ones are of course hand washed.

    I am amused by all the comments here..LOL! Be nice to yourself.


    1. If you don’t have a tumble drier Arlene, you need have no worries. I doubt you need a fluffy gown where you live anyway.
      Glad it all gave you a laugh. It seems that everyone enjoyed this one.
      Best wishes from England. Pete.


    1. That’s given me an idea for a film David, I must get in touch with Disney straight away! Animated household objects, in the style of ‘Toy Story’. ‘Dora-The Evil Dryer, she will shrink your clothes when you least expect it’, and like that.
      Best wishes from England. Pete.


  3. Oh no, not shame! I think this happend one time to all dryer-users.
    Can you explain what a gown is? Google said: a dress! Is that right?
    And sorry, but I was a little smiling when reading!
    Best wishes πŸ™‚


    1. Irene, I have found ‘Morgenmantel’ and ‘Schlafrock’. I am not sure how well these translate, so here is a link,size:
      This is just like the one I am writing about. Perhaps you need to read the original post, to get the full effect?
      Don’t worry, you were meant to laugh! Thanks for the comment.
      Best wishes, Pete.


      1. Ah, I must had know that. Sometimes I`m a litte bit stupid.
        Morgenmantel is right. I think Schlafrock is a word from the last century. But it means the same.
        The post from the 16th is absolutly great.
        (On Sundays I also love to sit a long time in pyjama.)

        I think we all have now the same picture in our minds when reading your blog. Thanks for the fun! πŸ˜‰


  4. I can appreciate your upset. Maybe if you wear your gown a lot it will stretch out to it’s pre-dryer shape — just in time for the next laundering! I’m glad it’s still wearable, consider the mishap as giving the gown ‘character.’


  5. Oh dear! My wife usually ignores the label when it says ‘do not tumble dry’. Her motto is ‘let’s see what happens’.

    I wonder if this is the reason why some shirts and trousers seem to be shorter.

    She will never accept responsibility! πŸ™‚


    1. Nicholas, you must advise your wife to never ignore labels again, especially where fluffy gowns are concerned. If your trousers keep shrinking, you will look as if you are impersonating Michael Jackson!
      Best wishes to you and your family. Pete.

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  6. Hi Pete, Only you can make a dressing gown disaster hilarious! Does this mean you need taller slippers now, for your chilly shins? Best Wishes x


  7. Really Pete, this is the sort of news that needs to be
    broken to your public much more gently! Apparently you are not aware of the impact such an intelligence can bring to bear . . the images it conjures . . the pits of mental torment into which it can hurl one. Obviously the bulletin must be aired but perhaps can I suggest, in instalments where we can experience a gradation of pain.
    Yours . . somewhat diminished, Ro


    1. It was thoughtless of me to not give due warning as to the serious nature of this post. I hope you recover soon, then you will have time to check your washing labels before sunbathing in your garden, as the air-conditioning engineer installs more equipment to combat the heat down south.
      Take care, and try not to be too upset. x


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