Ollie’s new bowls

For some time, we have had problems getting Ollie to eat his dinner. Despite the fact that we knew he was hungry, he always ate tentatively, and often left at least half of his one meal a day. After this had gone on for some time, we constantly changed the ingredients of his meal, hoping to tempt him, but to no avail. He stood awkwardly, raising one back leg, as if for some reason, he was unable to reach the food.

This was frustrating for us. Food was wasted, and we were concerned that he wasn’t eating enough. If we stuck to our guns, and just left it there, he would eat it eventually. But sometimes not until the next afternoon, when it had been standing for some twenty hours. Something had to be done, and Julie had an idea.

His bowls had always been on the floor in the kitchen, placed on a suitable mat. As he had grown, we had not considered that this might now be too low for him to reach comfortably. Perhaps his discomfort was making him reluctant to bend so far down to eat. I did some Internet research, and found something that might solve the problem. http://www.zooplus.co.uk/shop/dogs/dog_bowls_feeders/bowl_stands/132519?gclid=CLyqgMrgisQCFUnLtAodkWAA0w These raised bowls gave an extra eight inches in height, making them level with Ollie’s chin. We thought this might just be the answer.

I headed off the next day to a pet superstore in Norwich, about twenty miles away. I found them immediately, and although I could only get them in dark red, went ahead with the purchase. As soon as I was back, I tried them out with some tasty snacks. Ollie was wary of these new polythene stands and shiny bowls, and was having none of it. It seemed that I had made the trip for nothing. No amount of reassurance and cajoling would make him eat from them, although he would drink water from one side.

When Julie got home, we served his main meal, and Julie sat encouraging him from a chair at the side. Eventually, he realised his dinner was in there, and ate the lot. As long as there was enough weight inside to stop the bowl moving, as with the water, he was happy to eat from it. Since then, he has eaten his dinner every evening, and we seem to have solved the problem of the dog that wouldn’t eat.

21 thoughts on “Ollie’s new bowls

  1. Perhaps all that excess skin around his jowls drops to the floor when he bends down..eh, that could make his neck ache! even I can relate to that !!!! Best wishes Pete x


  2. Misread the title as Ollies new bowels and thought, oh, no what depths has Pete sunk to now!! Glad to see it was bowls and that the new ones seem to have done the trick, it makes you wonder how dogs managed at all in the past πŸ™‚


    1. I say that all the time Jude! Everything from whether he’s feeling cold, to how he eats and drinks. ‘How do you think they manage in the wild?’ It’s my clarion cry. I see him drink from muddy puddles near the pig farm, and he’s happy enough to eat off the floor, when it’s a Bonio!
      Regards as always, Pete. x

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  3. Good for Ollie, I know my sister used to give the raised bowls to the larger breeds when they visited her kennels, Great Danes and the like, to stop the strain on the neck.
    So not only will he be eating better you wont have to give him his usual neck message πŸ™‚


  4. What a wonderful post about Ollie’s bowls. I’ve seen in stores the raised eating tables for dogs, and they look so nice. I’m so happy good old Ollie finally took to eating from them.

    Take care and happy blogging to ya, from Laura ~


  5. Good thing you figured it out. Our three dogs have sturdy stainless steel bowls, the other being of a bigger size than the two. Our half-breed lab would not eat in any other but that. He knows it’s his.

    Hello OLLIE!


  6. That’s a simple solution to a problem I never knew some dogs experienced. Like many animals, dogs are creatures of habit, so it makes sense that he would be hesitant at first to try out the new bowls. But I’m glad he came around, and that he is now eating fresh food instead of food that has been collecting dust for 20 hours. Once again, you show us how great a pet owner you are! Ollie should thank his lucky stars!*
    *Sirius, for example.


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