Significant Songs (70)

My Ever Changing Moods

I have always liked Paul Weller. He was the retro-Mod that I always wanted to be. Sharp-dressed, musically talented, and super cool. When he arrived on the fringe of the punk scene with The Jam, I ate up the output. ‘Going Underground’, ‘Eton Riles’, ‘That’s Entertainment’, and ‘A Town Called Malice’, were all part of the soundtrack of the late 1970s and early 1980s for me. He went on later, to a wonderful solo career with stand-alone CD releases of great import, including ‘Wildwood’, and ‘Stanley Road’. He was from South London, as I was, and although he was much younger than me, he managed to encompass the sounds of my youth; at least those that I still wanted to hear.

But from 1983-1989, he hit new heights, at least in my estimation. In collaboration with Mick Talbot, he formed the group Style Council. Never has an English band got it so right. They swept up the late Mod sound, then added Bossa-Nova beats, jazzy brass, and a wicked organ sound from Talbot. On-trend lyrics, catchy vocals, and meaningful songs, all made the mix irresistible. I was enthralled. It was my thing; almost like nothing before had ever been.

I was very upset when they split up, although Weller continues to perform with great success to this day, it was never the same. I appreciate that this is quite an ‘English’ thing, so I apologise, and ask for your indulgence in advance. I could pick almost any release from the six-year life of the group; so this is as good as any, to showcase the style.


7 thoughts on “Significant Songs (70)

  1. I think Weller lives near me. I’ve spotted him a few times but never chatted to him as he was very obviously out on a family walk. I’ve been told he is a sound fella with his feet firmly on the ground.


  2. I’m familiar with the second track, which like David I prefer. Mind you it was your mention of The Jam that rung more bells for me as I remember going into my maths ‘O’ level exam to the sound of Start. It was a few years after it’s release, but it stayed with me. Memory lane for me catching up on a few of your posts Pete. Cheers!


    1. Thanks Eduardo. The Style Council is an acquired taste, I am sure of that. I just happened to acquire it. What Mods would have been if they had still been around in ’89!


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