Significant Songs (71)

Digging Your Scene

Around the same time as the previous entry in this series, I became aware of a band called The Blow Monkeys. They were fronted by a stylish Scottish singer called Bruce Howard, who used the name Dr. Robert. He was unusual in appearance, and sang with a pronounced lisp. This affected style caught my attention, and I could not get their songs out of my head.

This was once again a very British sound, and accompanied by some strong saxophone solos, combined a funky vibe with something very different from the music coming from America at the time. The Blow Monkeys had a short-lived existence. They released five albums from 1984-1990, and then disappeared from the music scene. They later re-formed, and released more records after 2010, but never sounded the same; although they still perform to loyal fans. Collaboration with Curtis Mayfield in 1987 produced the anti-Thatcher hit ‘Celebrate (The day after you)’ but they never bettered this 1986 hit, which was their first major chart success in the UK. As you might suspect, I absolutely love this track. After all, that’s why it is here.

8 thoughts on “Significant Songs (71)

  1. Love the name for this group, and digging this scene as well. Great sound and love the appearance as it suits his sound.. Thank you for bringing this band into my home for easy listening..

    Take care and happy blogging to ya, from Laura ~


  2. This video was not available in the States, but it is available elsewhere on YouTube . I enjoyed the song, but it won’t go platinum on my personal music list. “Warwick Avenue” remains unseated!


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