A perfect day?

I have just returned from a long walk with Ollie. We trudged for over two and a half hours, but it was not a chore. That was because we enjoyed the most perfect weather, more like a summer afternoon than early spring. It was easily warmer than 60F, and the breeze that was just enough to blow the smallest branches felt refreshing and welcome. Enlivened by these unexpected conditions, we ventured across the Holt Road, far behind Gingerbread Corner.

Near the derelict farm, Ollie spotted two young Muntjac deer and took off after them, in playful pursuit. I wandered off in the general direction, but became concerned when I couldn’t see him anywhere. The track took me along behind some new houses, and I finally found him. He was standing by a small gate. It was too tight for him to squeeze through, and a little too high for him to jump, but no doubt the deer had cleared it with ease. He looked at me expectantly, hoping that they would soon return, and he would be able to chase them again.

I continued alongside a ploughed field, heavy going in the ruts left by tractor tyres. The sun was on my back, and I felt hot in my lightest coat. This was probably due to wearing heavy boots and thick socks. If it hadn’t been for the lingering mud, I could easily have got away with wearing shorts and summer shoes. We crossed back to the track behind the huge pig farm. Some of the sows had tiny piglets running around their legs, and they were irresistibly cute. I tried not to think about the bacon sandwich that I had earlier cooked for breakfast. Ollie scanned the verges for rabbits, occasionally fooled by a startled crow, or pigeon.

Once back on familiar ground at Beetley Meadows, I had to keep him on the lead. He had a shampoo and nail trim yesterday, and his coat is looking great. He smells good too, though that won’t last. I didn’t want him to do his usual plunge into the river, and get all muddy and wet.
At least not for a couple of days yet.

Sometimes, you happen upon the perfect weather combination. Hot enough for shorts, but not too hot. A gentle breeze, not a cold wind. A blue sky that isn’t too bright, and a fresh feel to the air that makes you feel good to be alive. I would like to be able to choose that kind of day at will, and say, ‘another day like that please’. Today was such a day. Quite perfect.

20 thoughts on “A perfect day?

  1. What a delightful reading! ❀ Hahaha, we had lovely spring weather too, Pete. Did some work in the garden, cut down the Hidcote and other things you are supposed to do when the winter has said goodbye. Then the frost returned in the night, unbelievable. πŸ™‚
    Tomorrow is going be all sunny again! πŸ™‚
    Best regards from Cley,
    DIna & co


        1. It’s cosy. A nice meal of pesto chicken and pasta. Ollie has dined well too, and is relaxing, and I am most of the way through a bottle of Merlot!
          Best wishes, my lovely friends. Pete.x


  2. Sounds perfect Pete, long may it continue for you. We are also having a great spell of weather and I’m out digging post holes wearing my t-shirt. The Polish saying about March roughly translates to ‘March is like a cooking pot, a bit of winter, a bit of spring, a bit of autumn and a bit of summer’ I like the last bit πŸ™‚


  3. Pete, here in Las Vegas, temperatures are on the rise. It was beautiful day today, and I took a brisk walk to soak in the sunshine. For the next several days, the high will be 77 Fahrenheit (25 C). I’m glad you enjoyed your walk with Ollie, and that he had another chance encounter with deer. It seems like your walks are full of adventure, and they make for interesting blog posts. I had to laugh when you mentioned the pigs, especially the part about the bacon sandwich, as my latest limerick was about a pig being taken to market.


    1. I did recall that porcine connection David.
      I am sure many of those in your country will be envious of your 77 degrees, as many are still snow-bound. It is not as fair here today, so I am glad that I made the most of yesterday. There is an old saying here about March; ‘In like a Lion, and out like a Lamb. The end of the month might be the start of some stable weather, with luck.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  4. I’m some envious of your good weather. Still Arctic cold here in New England. Your account of a perfect day gives me a lot of hope.for a break in our weather, hopefully soon. The best thing that happened here today was that we had strong sun until mid-afternoon.


    1. I am aware that it is still bad over there Gretchen. I hope that it didn’t read too much like gloating, but it was the first day since October that we didn’t need any heating, so bodes well for the rest of the month. (Hopefully…)
      Best wishes, Pete.


      1. Didn’t read any gloating; I completely enjoyed your description of your day and your long walk with Ollie. I look forward to sharing my gladness for spring some time in the (hopefully) near future.

        Warm weather in New England will for sure be a cause for celebration, also the end of Cabin Fever and this awful weather!

        Thank you for the hope that Spring will be coming soon for us all!


  5. Pete, I have had a similar glorious day here…but no long walks! Just a nice amble around a local walled garden as I was in search of some interesting photographs….


  6. Pete, how wonderful to read this delightful story about your day walking with Ollie. This reminds me our warmer days are around the corner via a few stumbling blocks along the way, but on its way just the same.

    Take care, from Laura ~


    1. Thanks Laura, I am happy to bring the prospect of warm summer walks to you mind. If you can forget about the cold and snow for just a moment, that makes me feel pleased to have written it.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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