Significant Songs (73)

Different For Girls

1979 was a pretty good year for music. I was buying albums like they were going out of fashion, and experimenting with new artists, styles, and genres. Along came the English singer/songwriter Joe Jackson. Despite the fact that he was losing his hair young, he was only a couple of years younger than me, and I immediately identified with what he was doing. Sharply dressed, and very cool, he embraced both Swing and Pop styles of music with equal ease. In short, he was my kind of guy.
‘I’m The Man’, the album containing this single, initially enjoyed small sales, and a lukewarm reception from the critics. But as far as I was concerned, he was ‘The Man’, and he had taken British pop music in another direction. And it was a good direction too. He had already recorded some standout tracks, including ‘Is She Really Going Out With Him?’ (Which almost featured here) And he went on to produce several more; not least ‘Jumpin’ Jive’, and ‘Steppin’ Out’.

Then he just sort of disappeared. He was living in America, and still working. Unfortunately, his output was not attractive to the mainstream buyers any more. It didn’t get played, so wasn’t noticed. I thought that he had just gone the way of so many before him, but some research shows me that he was still releasing records as recently as 2012. I just hadn’t heard of them. So, in my experience, he is restricted to a time and place. It is a very good time and place though, and he was a great part of it. Here he is, singing his heart out. The song is really quite deep. Listen to the lyrics.

7 thoughts on “Significant Songs (73)

  1. I am not much familiar with the British song artists except those who belong to the British Invasion as the local DJs call it here. I love the Beatles, they were most prominent when I was growing up.


      1. I still like some of their songs. In fact last Sunday, my son and I were tuned in to this local station that played Beatles song for two straight hours. As we were painting the grills of our perimeter wall, we were happy to just listen to the beat and sing along at the same time. Son quizzed me on some of the titles, he knows most of them 🙂


  2. Before my time, but for some reason I thought this song (and Is She Really Going Out With Him?) were by Squeeze – I just made assumptions based on the sound – do you understand why? At least I stand corrected now! Thanks Pete!


    1. I can see where you are coming from with this one. Funnily enough, a song from Squeeze is in draft, as I like them a lot too. I think that you and Eddy would not have seen much of Joe Jackson, as you’re too young. Although Squeeze had a hit a year earlier, they stayed around the scene here for a lot longer.
      Thanks for the comment as always. Pete


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