Going Greek

This short post is by way of an appeal to those of you with better computer skills than I possess.

For the last week or so, I appear to have relocated to Greece, at least as far as Google is concerned. Any search tab declares ‘Google Greece’ next to the box, and if I enter Google Maps, Greece is always shown as my start point, and current location. I have reset that location, and it will show Beetley at the bottom of the page. I have followed Google help pages slavishly, taking every step suggested, in efforts to establish my correct place in the computing world. But it has all been to no avail. I still pop us as in Greece on Google Maps, and every web search starts with Google Greece as my default provider.

I managed to change the language from Greek to English, but that’s not the point, as I’m sure you will understand. I have nothing against being in Greece I hasten to add, and nothing against anyone or anything Greek. I just cannot comprehend how it happened, and I would like to return to being where I actually reside. I would like my searches to suggest things near to me, not things basking in the Aegean sun. I would prefer my start point on Google Maps to at least be in Great Britain, rather than some unspecified point closer to Athens.

I have tried and tried. I have reset my location countless times, contacted Google Help, asked on forums, and if I had much hair left, I would have pulled it out by now. So dear friends, it is over to you, or anyone you might know who is good with this stuff. Any ideas?

Thanks in anticipation, Pete.

Updated 12.03.15 After another hour wading through Google search settings and options, I have got a headache. I can only come to this final conclusion.
Εντάξει έχω δώσει σε . Καλώς ήλθατε στην Ελλάδα !

21 thoughts on “Going Greek

  1. Perhaps if you can fool it into thinking that you blog from the Peloponnese, Google will relocate you to Norfolk. I also have Windows 7 installed on my computer, and rely upon Google Chrome as my primary browser (I have the option of using Explorer). Perhaps you might consider downloading/running CCleaner to delete your cookies. That would reset your preferences.


    1. I have used CC cleaner for years, and run it every day. I have de-fragged, re-started, and reset my preferences. Cleared history, erased cookies, and changed location on Google Maps. I have officially run out of ideas, so the only course left to me is to contact the ambassador, and apply for Greek citizenship. I could try starting my PC from a previous date, but that has also caused problems in the past.
      (It is only on Chrome. Firefox and IE still accept me as Englsh.)

      Thanks for the help anyway David, always appreciated.


  2. I agree with Gretchen. I’m sure it has to do with the series on Crete. Also, you probably clicked on something that reset it. That’s why i don’t use Chrome. When i used it, there were so many choices that popped up that must have hit the wrong ones. It uninstalled Firefox for me without my telling it to. That was years ago but i still won’t go near Chrome.


    1. I am beginning to think that is the answer Corina. It’s not really a huge issue, as I can switch to Google UK, and find anything I want. It just ‘feels’ strange to be seen to be in another country!
      Best wishes, Pete.


    1. It’s funny you say that Gretchen, as I was suspecting it might have to do with all the searches I did on Crete. I have no idea why that would change the location though, unless I hit something by mistake. Thanks for the idea, as it is along the same lines I was thinking.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. A guess, but have you changed your time settings recently? Click on your clock in the bottom right corner of the screen and make sure you are set to the correct location (GMT London). What version of windows are you running by the way?


    1. The time and clock seem correct Eddy.
      I am on windows 7 using Google Chrome. If I use Internet Explorer, it seems to recognise the UK location, and so does Firefox. It is only Chrome that thinks I’m in Greece, but that is the best one to use for speed etc, so that’s why I like it. It’s a strange one indeed mate.


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