Mothering Sunday

Today is Mother’s Day in the UK. (Maybe everywhere, I’m not sure.)
This is a little poignant for me, as it is also almost three years to the day that my own Mum died.
But it has been a nice day for Julie so far. Although she hasn’t been able to see any of her children, for various reasons, she has received cards, and spoken to them on the telephone. Yesterday, we travelled down to Hertfordshire, so she could take a card and flowers to her own Mum, and spend the afternoon and evening with her.

It hasn’t all gone smoothly though. Returning late last night, we discovered that our heating had decided to stop working, and we have no idea why. There is oil in the tank, it was recently serviced, and appears to be intact in every way, yet it refuses to fire up. Of course, being a Sunday, we cannot get anyone out to look at it. Fortunately, we have the working log burner, and that is now roaring away, providing heat in the living room at least. There is also a back-up electric heater for the hot water, so we are not that badly off. The weather isn’t playing ball either. After the recent brief spell of sunshine and decent temperatures, today is gloomy and chilly, with a chance of rain.

I will try to make Julie’s Mother’s Day special. I have already prepared her a nice breakfast, and later on, there will be a traditional dinner of roast pork. We will be able to enjoy the rest of the day in front of the fire, and have a relaxing evening. I will remember days gone by with my own Mum, who always loved this day so much; anticipating her annual card, and enjoying a visit from her son.

So, here’s to all the Mothers out there. The often unsung heroes of our lives. Their selfless devotion, the undemanding love for their children, and the lifetime of care and attention that they lavish on us. Wherever you are, and whatever language you speak. have a wonderful day.


10 thoughts on “Mothering Sunday

  1. Pete, this was a great tribute to all those mothers out there who offer “selfless devotion” and “undemanding love,” and who “lavish” upon their children a “lifetime of care and attention.” Sadly, not all mothers fit into this category, and so there are young and adult children for whom Mother’s Day does not warm the heart with tender thoughts or fond remembrance. I think those children who can and do celebrate Mother’s Day with expressions of gratitude and love are truly blessed. I’m glad to see that Mother’s Day holds a special place in your heart.


    1. I know very well that many mothers lack these attributes David. I was basing this on personal experience, and for the benefit of those Mothers who do the right thing. I would have a lot less to say about Father’s Day. In fact, nothing at all.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  2. I think that of all the Hallmark holidays, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are the most important, most significant. I don’t consider them made up holidays. We should celebrate our mothers and fathers and having one day a year to do it is not too much. It doesn’t need to be commercial. A phone call, a hug, a homemade card, a flower picked from the garden…those all all special things that any mother would appreciate!


  3. happy Mother’s Day to Julie. We celebrate Mother’s Day here every second Sunday of May and Father’s Day is every third Sunday of June. Although, it is a bit commercialized nowadays, I love how it has become a celebration for the whole family honoring moms and mothers for their unconditional love for all of us.


  4. It’s May in Australia too Pete, though my Aussie son always manages to say hi to me (more than his brothers who actually live here do) 😉 My mum died 19 years ago and it took me a few years to not feel sad on Mother’s Day – walking past stores with cards and gifts was difficult when I didn’t have a mother to buy for. I can’t say it really means that much to me, though I did like the hand-made cards from my brood when they were young.


    1. I know it’s basically just another US invention to sell cards, but as there was only me and Mum for much of my life, she always loved it. Because of that, I grew to appreciate it from a different point of view. Good children care for their Mums all year round, so one particular day doesn’t mean that much, I agree.
      Regards as always, Pete. x

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  5. Pete, I’m sorry to hear about your mum’s passing 3 years ago, so close to Mother’s day. But, thank goodness our sweet memories of our loved ones carry us through these difficult days.

    May 10th is Mother’s day here in Canada, and I too look so forward to seeing what handmade gift my children craft for me. It’s a ritual of ours, since my husband passed away. They must make something for this day, instead of a store bought gift. I’ve kept every one of their gifts in a special box for down the road when they perhaps may need a reminder of how much I adored them, and they will take away the memories of crafting each one. Good memories need to be treasured and protected. I know you must have many too…

    Sorry to hear about your heating, as wet dreary days can chill you right down to the bone. Enjoy your lovely planned evening in front of your roaring fireplace, and take care my friend….

    from, Laura~


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