Significant Songs (75)

I Can Let Go Now

During the 1970s, I had always quite liked the American band The Doobie Brothers. By 1972, they had released ‘Listen To The Music’, and they soon attracted members from other bands that were changing personnel or breaking up, such as Steely Dan, and Little Feat. But it was the arrival of Michael McDonald as the lead vocalist that changed both the direction and sound of the band, taking it back into the charts with classic songs like ‘What A Fool Believes.’ McDonald had been a studio vocalist on many recordings by Steely Dan, a band that I admired a great deal, and when he went solo in 1982, I thought his first album, including the huge hit ‘I Keep Forgetting’ was excellent.

In 1986, he released the CD ‘Sweet Freedom’, which was something of a compilation of hits up to that time, and I bought it immediately. It contained some very good songs, many of which I already owned on other recordings. The last track, featured here, is a very sad yet ultimately uplifting song, that will resonate with anyone who has ever found themselves in a situation like the one described. Sung in McDonald’s flawless plaintive tone, instantly recognisable. It is a testament to perfection in brevity, at under three minutes duration.

Sit somewhere quiet, and be alone for a moment, as you take it in.


7 thoughts on “Significant Songs (75)

  1. Hi Pete, My brother was also a massive fan of Micheal. My copy was a tape!
    I’d forgotten what a great album this was esp this track. I will update my stock.
    Best wishes x


  2. Pete, what a wonderful selection you have here. This one brings back so many memories of this band and my days living in the 70’s. This band was also one of my late husbands faves as well.
    Take care and happy blogging to ya, from Laura ~


      1. Without a single doubt, I totally agree. Music for me today, sadly falls short ~ leaving a void needing to be filled like yesteryear when the music carried heart and soul with it.. Thankfully, I have all the records still, and enjoy music from years ago.. All of them unscratched too, which is a feat in its self… take care..


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