A very quiet day

I confess that I haven’t posted anything on this blog since last Saturday, until now.
I am struck by the quietest day for viewings and readers, in almost a year. Perhaps I should have posted something. After all, it is Tuesday here, and that is three days without anything published. But I am reluctant to put something up for the sake of it, (except this of course) so will take the low figures on the chin.

I am reminded of the need to ‘feed’ your blog. An idle blog soon becomes an uninteresting effort, and the tumbleweed starts to swirl about, in the blogging desert that you have created. I have posts in draft, and some ideas for others in the pipeline. I have also spent a lot of the day on a film article to be published elsewhere, so I confess to neglect, at least for today.

I spent a longer time walking with Ollie too. The sun was out, and the day felt like early summer. So, I stayed out longer than usual, and enjoyed it immensely. I have often written here about statistics, and how they can sometimes overwhelm the blogger. But today has been a very good day in Beetley, so I am unconcerned. There will be lots more to follow, undoubtedly.


33 thoughts on “A very quiet day

  1. Very much looking forward to reading your next film article. You have so many serious followers that a couple of post-free days won’t dent your blog’s integrity. Warmest regards and best wishes to you, Julie and Ollie from a reluctant blogger!


  2. I had a nice day today. The sun was out most of the day and I took advantage of it. I watered my tiny plants just pushed barely through the soil. I went for a walk with my pup. Today at during lunch I watched three rabbits chase each other all over the hill on the back side of my home. Today was a good day. Glad you had a good day too!


  3. Thankfully my stats are boosted by interested straw balers and I can enjoy 100 plus hits from one user as they peruse the pictures, mind you vast tracks of land are opening up here as my blogging absence increases….I must plant something soon.
    Good to hear the weather is good in Beetley.


  4. I always appreciate those silences in between. I used to blog every day but now it’s only when I feel like it. I like discovering other blogs though, there are lots here.


  5. Don’t read the stats! Unless you post every day they are going to go up and down as and when you do post. There is more to life than sitting in front of a computer as well you know 😀

    BTW have you considered walking Ollie in the morning? I know you whinge comment on the rain always reaching Beetley when you are walking the dog, but looking at the weather reports it seems to me that you will nearly always get the rain in the afternoon as it most commonly comes in from the west and then moves eastwards. Just saying…


    1. I did think about that Jude. He’s not too much of a morning dog though, and more importantly, most of his doggy pals are out in the afternoons, when their owners are not working. I think he’d be a bit lonely in the mornings.
      I do get out and about occasionally. I am at the windmill later today, and don’t forget that weekly trip to Tesco! x


        1. First session today. ‘Familiarisation, and Turning of The Sails’!
          (Ollie’s not allowed to come to Tesco, as we have ‘dog-nappers’ here, who steal dogs from cars, or if left unattended outside places. Shameful.) x


          1. Oh, I am looking forward to your posts about the windmill. I detect some tongue-in-cheek humour here…

            Dog thieves in Norfolk? Never! Mindst you I CAN see someone fancying your Ollie, he’s a handsome boy (don’t let him read this comment, he’ll only get above himself 😀 )


  6. Pete, I’m happy to hear you’ve had a lovely peaceful day, and your walk with Ollie was a bit longer than usual. I’m sure he enjoyed that very much.. Take care



  7. Here in the Mojave Desert, the tumbleweeds do swirl about sometimes. Mostly, though, they tumble in fairly linear fashion across open spaces and roads and lodge themselves against fences, buildings, or natural outcroppings. But on the subject of blogs, I am also guilty of letting time pass by between posts. For example, I posted nothing between March 5th and March 22nd. That’s over two weeks! It’s true, though, that I normally only post about once a week, as, to some extent, I’m dependent on inspiration for my limericks, which account for the lion’s share of my posts. I don’t think three or four days–or even a week–without a post on beetleypete warrants all that much concern. I’m pretty sure your fan base isn’t that fickle. In any event, it sounds like you are busy with other writing projects, which are undoubtedly not long from reaching fruition. I hope you enjoyed the blogging doldrums while they lasted. As for me, I’m going out to the desert to catch a tumbleweed….

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    1. You are undoubtedly more familiar than I an with tumbleweed David.
      I fear no fickle followers myself, just being observant of responsibilities.
      Hope all’s well in the Mojave.
      Best wishes, Pete.


      1. Now, at the bottom of the comments, there is hardly any more to say about stats, Pete. It happen to us all and it is something one has to live with. Blogging lives from giving and becoming and frankly, it’s a big time thief. I’m 100% with you on this Pete; whenever I open the WP Dashboard-Admin the stats shows first. I want to ignore it, but they pop up and tell me how I have been behaving; it is overwhelming indeed. 😉 And as you say, having a good day is important, I’m glad you had a fine day, Pete.
        Wishing the three of you a lovely weekend,
        Dina & co x


          1. Ha, that’s not our bedroom in Cley, Pete!
            The first photo is taken from a shelter in Sheringham overlooking the sea.
            This is one of my favourite walks on the coast; have you parked your car on Weybourne beach and walked to Sheringham, up on the cliffs? If not, you have to try it on nice sunny day. Watch the tides; on a low tide you can return to your car by walking along the beach. Ollie will love it!! If you’d like we can walk along. Weybourne-Sheringham-Weybourne is a good lang walk, but not too exhausting, easy walking.
            AS for the second photo; it was our bed in a fantastic B&B up North, just after we had crossed the border to Scotland. A seriously big house, run by very easygoing lovely people.
            You’d love it.
            AS Klausbernd writes:
            “We have to admit that’s not at our home. It’s a view from a special B&B in Scotland. Fortunately we stayed several days there. What was so special besides this view? Do you really want to know? It was situayed just at the fence of nuclear powerstation which you couldn’t see from our huge and cozy room.”
            I was so upset when we arrived, because of the power station. In the end I said thank you! It was so cheap, very good value for money and the people there were ❤ ❤ .-9


          2. Well, I fell for it, as did some others. Never mind, it was a great view, even if close to a power station. I used to like to go to the beach alongside Dungeness Power Station in Kent. remote and bleak, but very impressive. X


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