Four Seasons In One day

No, not the Crowded House song. It’s about the weather and dog-walking again, I’m afraid.

We woke late today, courtesy of the archaic custom of putting the clocks forward one hour. This is supposed to mean one hour less in bed, but we slept through that sixty minutes, blissfully unaware.
We were greeted by a blustery day, grey skies and showers. A sort-of April day, albeit a little premature. It was spring-like after a fashion, as it didn’t feel too cold, and the showers came in swirls. During a late breakfast, autumn arrived, as the wind increased to an uncomfortable level, and began to blow things around outside, steadily increasing in strength.

By the time I was getting ready to take Ollie for his walk, winter had made an unwelcome reappearance. It was dark enough to put lights on in the house, and the rain had turned from showers to a driving downpour. I steeled myself for the afternoon excursion, and ventured out across to Beetley Meadows with Ollie. Within seconds, the wind had risen to near gale-force, and the black clouds seemed so low, you could almost throw a stone into them. The rain quickly turned to hail, driving in the wind with great strength, swirling around our unfortunate forms with incredible force, sounding like the beats of a fast snare-drum against my coat and hat.

Even Ollie, normally oblivious to weather conditions, sought refuge under the foliage of a large bush. I had been out for less than ten minutes, but already my cotton trousers were soaked through, and the water and hail sneaked under the collar of my waterproof coat, dampening the neck of my T-shirt. The supposedly waterproof expensive gloves were also sodden on my hands, and much of the ground had turned into a muddy stream. I plodded on for Ollie’s sake, turning my back to the wind to minimise the worst effects of the weather. I could hear thunder, but fortunately saw no lightning, as we were very exposed over there. Nobody else was around; they were sensibly still indoors, waiting for it all to go away.

I carried on over to Hoe Rough, preferring to keep moving rather that trying in vain to seek shelter under trees. Once we had made the short distance to the gate there, the rain stopped. It was abrupt, as if someone had just turned off a hose. Without the rain and hail, the wind was bearable, though I was conscious of many small branches being dislodged, and falling all around us. Even the largest trees were swaying alarmingly, seeming to move of their own accord. I trudged on, with Ollie happier now, and running ahead. We did a couple of circuits around the area, and after we had been out for about ninety minutes, the sun began to break through the clouds. As I headed back to the gate, the sun came out in earnest, blue skies appeared, and it was summer once again. I started to feel uncomfortably hot, wrapped up in waterproofs and a hat, and loosened my scarf too. The gloves came off, and I unzipped my coat.

By the time we got home, although Ollie was still wet, and my clothes were still soaked, I could have got away with shorts and flip-flops. Four seasons in a few short hours. Amazing.


19 thoughts on “Four Seasons In One day

  1. Similar weather here in New England. Winter yesterday with more snow which turned to rain which turned to ice overnight. A cold start this morning but with sun which melted the icy snow. The temp reached 38 degrees by mid-afternoon, it felt enough like spring to incite me to feeling enthusiastic that the spring of warmth and sun we’re all longing for is truly coming. I felt sympathy for all the dog walkers I saw passing by my window yesterday, out in the snow, then rain, all owners in heavy weather gear, dripping wet, but the dogs all looking energized and excited and not minding being wet at all.


  2. Your vivid account of the weather during your walk is quite entertaining. Especially for someone who lives in the Mojave Desert. Obviously, the weather is far more predictable here in Las Vegas. Today’s forecast: 89 F / 31.6 C. Blue skies. Plenty of sun. Accumulated precipitation for 2015: 2.7 inches / 6.85 cm. By the way, the trees here have all leafed out, and there are flowers everywhere. It looks like summer. I have to admit, though, I don’t look forward to summer temperatures….


    1. 89F and it’s not summer! That’s pretty hot by my reckoning David, and it’s still only March. Despite the strange weather here today, I can’t say that I envy you such extreme heat.
      Best wishes as always. Pete.


  3. Pete, this time of year plays tricks on us all the time… wink (time) and with April fools around the corner, perhaps it was pretending to be the joker, early?

    Glad you made it safe and alive, I wouldn’t advise standing under a tree when it’s storming.. you just never know when lightening will strike….

    Take care and stay safe out there, from Laura


      1. Pete, that’s for sure… just when you hit all the right numbers… that would also be my luck.. strange how many folks get struck by lightening.. you don’t play golf do ya? If, so be careful…



        1. No, I cannot abide the apparent senselessness of golf. In fact, I don’t follow or play any sports. I have never felt the urge to compete really. I just never cared if I won. Missing that gene, I suspect.
          Best wishes, Pete.

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  4. Great post Pete, good old English weather eh? For a minute there, I thought this post was going to veer off into some raunchier territory with the line “The gloves came off, and I unzipped my coat”. Probably just my overactive imagination and the subjects you and I have been discussing today.


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