‘About’ page updated

For some reason, I have recently had an unusual number of people looking at my ‘About’ page. I have no idea why, but I thought I would update the information on it, and make it a little more interesting. Sometimes, people might only look at the ‘About’ page on a blog, before deciding to go on to read posts, or to see if the person has similar interests, or background. I have tried to include relevant information, without making it too wordy, or dull.

As regular readers will know, I rarely post photos. I did relent, and published a photo of myself and Ollie some time ago, but this was by way of a post. My gravatar photo of Ollie was recently updated, but that gives readers little idea about me, which was originally my intention of course. However, looking at so many other blogs, as I do, I notice that they often include a picture of the blogger, so I decided to follow suit.

I have used the same photo from the earlier post, and added it at the end of my ‘About’ information. Let’s hope that it doesn’t put off more potential readers that it attracts!


15 thoughts on “‘About’ page updated

  1. Well, it was “About” time! Actually, I think you’ve received an overwhelmingly positive response to the posting of your photo. I haven’t done that, so if you want your photo on my blog….just kidding!


  2. I posted your PTSD blog to LAS nostalgia site on Facebook. Maybe one or two have followed the link. PTSD is very topical at the moment with a couple of other articles on the www & bias reporting by tabloids on a particular incident.


    1. Jimmy, that Facebook connection generated one of my best ever days on the blog. It was viewed almost 150 times via Facebook, so thanks very much for that. It also sparked a lot of interest in my ‘About’ page, hence the update. Please feel free to re-post all the Ambulance Stories on Facebook. I am not on it, and could well do with the increased interest!
      Much appreciated old friend. Pete.


  3. How can you tell that people have looked at your About Me page?

    I somewhat forgot there was an About Me page but it seems that’s where I posted my name and photo when I started blogging on WordPress.

    I like to post photos because of the old adage “a picture is worth 1000 words.” A photo comes in handy when I don’t have words but much to say.

    Chilly and gray here today but kittens are keeping me warm! Have a great day! GG


    1. You go to site admin in your dashboard, and scroll to the lower half. On the right-hand side, it tells you the most popular posts, and how many times they have been read that day, and that week.
      It’s good to post photos, when they are of interesting things like your paintings, or shots of your cats. At the moment, I don’t really have many good ones to show, but one day, who knows?
      Very warm and sunny here by contrast to your cold and grey Gretchen. Nice for you to to have the cats to cuddle though.
      Best wishes as always, Pete.


  4. Pete, I’ve been wondering about that as well.. There has been a lot of traffic to my “About Page” too…. Perhaps, they read our posts and want to know who has the fingers typing behind the scenes…

    Take care my friend and happy blogging to ya, from Laura ~


      1. Pete, I suppose so… But, I’ve been blogging for almost three years and this is the first time anyone has really shown an interest.. giggling I suppose I shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth and wonder about such things.. hum… that was a little ditty my grandfather use to say..
        Take care from Laura ….


  5. They are probably wondering why you don’t post pics but still you have a lot of followers and comments. Oliie is a handsome dog. You should take more shots of him Pete.


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