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It must be the week for such things, as I have just received a link to another friend’s photographic website. This one is very different to the last though. It is abstract photography at a different level, designed to be seen as art. If you like to look at large images representing artistic concepts derived from original photographs, then this might be the one for you.

Bold and bright colours, unusual shapes and designs, yet all originated as photos of water. It’s certainly different from your everyday photo enthusiast or professional blog. This is a website intended to act as a window into ideas behind the work, and with an ultimate aim of making a business from the idea. Not that I am trying to sell you anything, there is no web shop on there.

Denis was originally from Hong Kong, though he lived in London for most of his life. He has now returned to Asia, living first in Thailand, and more recently in Taiwan. The reproductions on his site are exceptional, and well-worth a look. He can be contacted through his site too, and has a page laying out his background, and his process. If you enjoy photos, or even just colours, please click the following link.


17 thoughts on “Another recommendation

  1. Loved these. I’m not usually moved by painterly treatments of photographs – Denis’s work without Photoshop is shatteringly impressive, original creative work in its own right.


  2. They remind me vaguely of some photos a young lady and I took of Christmas lights wherein we moved the camera in various ways to create color swirls and streaks. I posted a couple of them on my blog. Denis’s water photos are quite artistic, and do have a certain painterly quality to them. I enjoyed looking at them. Thanks for the link, Pete.


  3. Will visit all these when I have time to really sit down here including the previous link you posted in your other blog post. My plants are waiting 🙂


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