Significant Songs (78)


One look at Thom Yorke’s face tells you that you are not about to see a run-of-the-mill rock band in operation. Radiohead is not known for a style of music often featured on this blog, but this track is truly exceptional. Yorke’s distinctive vocals make their songs sound less complex than they are, and you might be forgiven for the initial impression that he is not a great singer. Listen to more, think carefully, and you start to realise that that he is a very talented front man indeed. Furthermore, the structured songs draw on many different styles of musical influence, from experimental Jazz, to electronic pop.

The guitar work is also exceptionally good; as evidenced on this track, where the guitars start with a simple acoustic rhythm, and build to an electric wall of sound that is quite overwhelming.
After the release of their first record in 1992, the band achieved tremendous acclaim from critics and record-buyers alike, with considerable success and sales numbered in the tens of millions. This song is a track from the 1995 album ‘The Bends’, and they went on to release a total of eight albums up to 2011. Following a break in touring and recording, Yorke released solo work, and some other band members explored personal projects too. They are due to come back together this year, with the promise of a new CD release, and possible tour.

The videos accompanying the single releases were often complex small films in themselves, and many were as well-received as the music they accompanied. This is the official video for ‘Just’.


18 thoughts on “Significant Songs (78)

  1. I wouldn’t say I’m a Radiohead fan, but I do love their song Creep. You can see an interesting 1950’s style torch-songy version here:

    When Radiohead was big I didn’t have much access to cable TV so I don’t think I ever saw any of their videos when they were actually released, so my comment here might be horribly dated, but doesn’t the lead singer look at act sort of like Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols? I’m assuming there is some sort of influence there as it would be hard for a musician at the professional level in any kind of indie or alternative rock group to not be familiar with the Sex Pistols.

    The video is great, too. I love how the “forbidden knowledge” that the man lying in the street shares knocks the wind out of all the “do gooders” and “on lookers”. It really appeals to the horror writer in me. I play with that theme a lot in my writing but I doubt there are too many horror writers in this day and age who do not fiddle around with that once in a while. We all live in Lovecraft’s shadow, yes?

    Anyway, a great song. Thanks for posting it!


    1. Thanks for your comment Eric. I have no doubt that Thom Yorke would have been familiar with the antics of John Lydon from the Sex Pistols, as well as many similar ‘gyratory vocalists’ over the years. There has always been a lot of speculation about what the recumbent man says, the words that make everyone just lie down with him. I know the song ‘Creep’ well. It was their biggest hit over here.
      Best wishes from Norfolk, Pete.


      1. I like that the words are left a mystery. What could he say that would live up to the effect? Only something unimaginable would do what those words did. So, better let the effects speak for themselves.


  2. Pete, interesting band and a good video for watching them too… I love the new theme as well.. lovely picture for the header..

    Take care and enjoy your weekend, from Laura ~


    1. That picture is a Microsoft stock photo Laura, but it ‘suits’ Beetley. I like this theme too. It feels relaxing to work on, with the wider screen, and larger fonts.
      Glad you liked the song, and the strange video too. They are an unusual group.
      Best wishes from England as always. Pete.

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  3. Ah-ha, it seems we were on each other’s blog at the same time! I’ve always enjoyed all sorts of music, except the way-out acid rock [and I can only handle a few rap songs at a time].


    1. I’m not a fan of rap or heavy metal gp, and I tend to select certain tracks or songs, rather than like everything done by any particular group or solo artist. Hope you enjoyed this one.
      Best wishes from England. Pete.

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  4. They were Top 40 in America at one time Gretchen, but they come from England, so were hugely popular here. I am pleased that you liked this one, it’s a song that grows with repeated listening.
    Best wishes as always, Pete.


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