Walking and thinking

I read a post by Phil from War On Diabetes recently. It mentioned that walking is found to boost the process of thinking, and having creative thoughts. I had to agree, as most of my thoughts and ideas for posts on this blog do come to me when I am walking every day with Ollie.

Having time to think is a luxury, living in our modern world. I have been lucky that I have always made time for this, but walking for two hour periods and more definitely assists with this process. Much of what I write comes to me during those walks. Often, it is about the walks themselves, but sometimes it is about many other things. Ideas, old songs, reminiscences of the past, or just something that I need to get out of my brain, or off my proverbial chest.

It can be a little strange, going over ideas for posts as you walk a dog. The words and structures form in my mind as I stroll; and sometimes it all comes together so well, once I get back to the keyboard. There are other times, when I discard certain themes, or consider that they may be better expressed on my ‘other’ blog. Generally though, they develop well, and by the time that I have returned home, it is simply a matter of committing them to the screen, and hitting ‘Publish’. On a very few occasions, I wish that I could get these thoughts and ideas from my head. They interrupt the flow of the dog-walking, and the interaction with people I meet on the way becomes an irritation, a diversion from what I was thinking about.

In general, the walking develops the ideas though, and they flow into my mind like an unstoppable torrent. This forces me to choose the best ones, and to cast aside the mundane. I walk every day, unfailingly, come rain or shine, so the ideas come at the same rate; a daily surge of thoughts and subjects, all crying out, at least in my thoughts, for publication and consideration. If I didn’t walk, would I still write? That question occurs to me often. I might still write, but it could be less involved, less rounded, less considered; perhaps not worth reading.

So, fellow bloggers. Start walking.


18 thoughts on “Walking and thinking

  1. You are absolutely right; walking is good to boost the creativity and get new ideas. Lovely post, Pete!
    Happy walking, you and Ollie.
    Best wishes,
    Dina Xx


  2. Pete, I completely enjoyed reading this post about blogging and walking. You shared such an important issue in our daily busy lives. The media has begun to tell us we have little time for anything, so buy, buy, buy, or hurry before it’s gone mentality and it appears to be working on the masses over here. Everyone is in such a dog gone hurry to actually get no where fast… (my grandfathers saying…) Your walks with Ollie have given us so many lovely posts to read from your blog, and I hope the walking never ends…

    Take care and happy Ollie walking to ya, from Laura ~


    1. Thanks Laura. It surprised me how quickly I took to what otherwise might be thought of as ‘aimless wandering’. It gets everything sorted in my mind, and provides inspiration too. Not so easy for you though, with all that snow, but you have your crafting instead.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. I do my thinking in front of the computer screen. When I walk, I’m more likely to listen to music in my mind. Also, I just enjoy the scenery: the trees, the flowers, the mountains, the sky.


    1. That’s interesting David, as my own thought process generally stalls when I get in front of the screen. It’s probably because we write about different things, and you need the concentration to work on your themes. Your scenery is a lot more dramatic too!
      Best wishes as always, Pete.


  4. I couldn’t agree more Pete, walking is definitely good for the mind and soul and most of my posts will have a good walk or two in them. However the process is interrupted of late and I have a passenger on my shoulder whose constant babble interrupts the flow 🙂


  5. I used to have 40-60 minutes of walking a day built into my commute. I miss that, but public transportation in my new locale is terrible. I can get some thinking done while driving, but not as much. Sigh…


    1. Not as good when driving Eric, as we have to allow some time to concentrate on the road and traffic. The same with cycling, and to some extent, running. Walking is the only one that really works…
      Best wishes, Pete.


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