The shorts are on

After the popularity of my posts on fluffy gowns and slippers, I thought that it was high time to share my love of wearing shorts. Today was my first day (this year) of wearing them, and it was much later than normal, for the ‘shorts season’Β to arrive in Beetley.

I generally wear shorts from my birthday in March. Once on, they are rarely off, until at least the end of October. However, the weather has not been very kind this year, so my usual time for donning shorts has been delayed, until now. I have to confess that I was pushing the boundaries, as it was not that warm. But it felt right to me, so on they went. That feeling is priceless. Cool legs, unencumbered by joggers, or normal trousers. OK, I have to be careful of nettles and prickly plants on my walks, but it is worth it, to once again experience the annual delight of shorts-wearing. My shorts tend to be of the longer-legged variety; at least knee length, sometimes a tad longer. They are always roomy, and some pairs have numerous pockets too. I am old enough to eschew fashion, and happily embrace comfort over style.

Not for me, the shorts of the fashionista. Mine are practical, a little baggy, and always a joy to wear. Today’s choice was an old favourite. A beige pair of goes-with- anything, traditional English baggy shorts. The type you might see in a WW2 photo, wide-legged, and superbly cosy. I also have some more modern shorts, slightly waterproof, easy-iron, and also knee-length, in a variety of colours. As well as beige, I have navy blue, khaki, and the ubiquitous stone colour. They all match with almost any shirt or top, and with six pairs in the wardrobe, I am ready for anything.

Whether thick cotton, or part-polyester, they are all good. They leave my legs open to the elements, available for tanning, and toughened to almost anything I might encounter. They are acceptable as evening wear in most Norfolk venues, and even if it is is a chilly evening, a warm top or fleecy jacket accompanies them perfectly.

It is almost June, and despite the occasional wearing of trousers to restaurants, or windmill volunteering, it is a safe bet that they will be on my legs until we see November. Feel free to join me in the joy of shorts-wearing. You know you want to really.


20 thoughts on “The shorts are on

  1. Pete, we’re finishing up the coolest May on record here In Las Vegas: 21 days of temperatures under 90 F (32.2 C). But by Sunday, we’ll hit 104 F (40 C). I don’t own a pair of shorts and have no desire to wear shorts in public (not for any reasons relating to my legs; it’s just not my style), Around the house (starting yesterday), I wear denim cut-offs, usually without a shirt, in order to avoid using the A/C as much as possible.
    When you talked about your shorts, I immediately thought of Ronald Fraser, who played Sgt. Watson in “The Flight of the Phoenix” (1965).


    1. You are nearly so right David. Just one thing. Mine are slightly longer in the leg generally. I do have one pair that length though, in ‘Army Green’. I don’t wear them so often these days.
      The ones I am wearing today, Julie calls ‘Lofty’s’. This is the name of a popular comedy character. Here is is, from a very old TV series. He’s the little guy in the big hat.

      Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Oh, no, Pete – now I’ve got to rewrite the drafted post in my head about the high heels controversy (it certainly is a feminist issue: lay off, sisters, I’ll carry on wearing the highest heels I want in comfort and defiance) – I was going to ask at the end that male readers not wear shorts when visiting my blog….Only you will be given dispensation!


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