A quick question (Updated)

I have re-blogged this to thank everyone, and let you know it was eventually sorted.


****Updated for information.****

I managed to get the photos back in this morning, although for some reason, they are smaller this time. But the large files can be viewed, by clicking the image. They had been mistakenly deleted from my ‘Media File’, and if they are not in there, they will not appear on the post. This answers my original question. All and any photos you wish to include in a post must first be uploaded to the media file, and they must be retained, or they will not show on the post when viewed.. This doesn’t seem to apply to external links, but only to those you wish to feature in posts. Most of you probably knew that anyway, so after three years, I am still learning! Thanks again, Pete.

Thanks to everyone who helped with this. It seems that the photos in question have ‘disappeared’ from my WordPress…

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4 thoughts on “A quick question (Updated)

  1. I’m pleased it’s sorted. They might mention it somewhere, but I don’t recall ever reading about it until that post I mentioned. It’s probably logical, but not knowing how these types of websites work, it’s all a mystery to me.


    1. Thanks Olga. I get frustrated with technology at times, and my own inability to understand it, in particular. In the same way that I never did truly grasp Algebra!
      Best wishes, Pete.


  2. Don’t feel bad, Pete, I’m still learning too. It doesn’t help that WP is always changing things too. I think they are catering a little too much to the mobile app crowd. But, I did this same thing a while back and Pierre Lagace had to go through my entire site to get me straightened out!! 😳


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