Sultry nights

I am loath to mention any complaint about good weather, but the last few nights have been on the borders of unbearable. Sleep has been difficult, even with a fan in the bedroom, and we have both had unsettled nights; disturbed by the fan, or the cold around dawn.

Tonight is supposedly the last night of an uncomfortably hot spell. We have been enduring high night-time temperatures, in excess of 20 C. There are heavy storms predicted for later, after 2am, with the chance of torrential rain, hailstones, and localised flooding. Of course, this is situation normal for many parts of the world, but a rare occurrence here.

After a few days of very humid conditions, problems sleeping, and uncomfortable days, the change should be welcome. However, in a very English way, we almost resent the arrival of rain, necessary or otherwise, and cling on desperately to those rare summer days, whatever the dangers of precipitation, and lack of sleep.

It’s a very English thing. We always want the weather we haven’t got. Then when we get it, we wish we had something else instead. I can see how this might be contrary, but I am English, so consider it perfectly normal.


26 thoughts on “Sultry nights

  1. Pete, hang in there because the weather is always waiting in the wings to change. It’s unbearably hot here too, and as you I’m trying not to complain since winter is a short time away. Ice packs works wonders too…

    Take care and happy blogging to ya, from Laura ~


      1. I hear ya, Pete… It can be difficult to not complain… Sometimes we just have to get it out and take a deep breath… raining here too today.. I just hope it doesn’t turn humid afterward.

        Take care, from Laura ~


          1. This is so true, Pete.. just a pond dividing us and as close as the full moon the other night.. Thanking you kindly for your comments.. from Laura


  2. I can’t remember the last time it rained, but that’s only because of a poor memory! Very warm here all week adding a degree or two every day, peeking next Tuesday, with 35C predicted. Then storms and start all over again. As long as I can find work to do in the shade then I’m happy.


    1. I don’t mind the warmth and sun Eddy. It’s just that the lack of sleep from the humid nights is getting a bit wearing. At least I don’t have to get up and commute to work anymore…
      Cheers mate, love to all three. Pete.


      1. Sounds a similar story to here – I’ve got my grocery shopping, and shall sit indoors behind closed curtains again…I’m wasting my life, but it’s the only thing to do! I have virtually zero energy now…


  3. Here in Las Vegas, we basically hover in the 40-45 C (104-113 F) range all summer long. However, fall and spring are absolutely wonderful, and winter days are cool to warm. So summer aside, the weather is highly desirable. Of course, for those with a swimming pool, summer is great. As far as precipitation is concerned, so far in 2015 we’ve had 2.29 inches (5.8 cm), which is about average.

    As far as staying comfortable during the summer months, we use ceiling fans and A/C a lot. We really have no choice.


    1. It’s unusual for us David, and too rare to consider installing A/C. We make do with fans, and I don’t mind it being warm, except when it stops me sleeping. Storms lit up the house last night, but I was too tired to appreciate them!
      Best wishes, Pete.


  4. It’s a very human thing…wanting what we don’t have. I hear everyone, all over, complaining about their weather then when it changes to what they wanted, they complain again. Locally, we’ve had record breaking heat for the past ten days and it is supposed to continue for at least another week. Just a couple of months ago, the locals were complaining about the cold and the gray skies. Now they are complaining about the heat and the blue skies!


    1. Hi Corina, nice to see you again. It’s always good to hear that us complainers are not alone! As I have remarked previously, it is the extremes that cause the moaning. Grey, chilly and damp, or too hot, not much in between.
      Best wishes, Pete.,


  5. Hey there Pete, here in London it’s been absolutely perfect, almost unbelievably so! Hot but not oppressive, cooling just enough to furnish a wonderful night’s sleep and this evening a gentle shower which really calmed things whilst in the background a magnificently, colourful thunder storm with vibrant lightning to entertain us city guys. Sorry it’s been so difficult for you up there in the east country, perhaps tomorrow will bring an hour or so of weather which you’ll find acceptable!!!
    I raise a clement glass of ale to you and Mrs J, xxxx


    1. If I ever found an hour of acceptable weather Ro, nobody would believe me! And what would I write about? The thing about living in Norfolk is how life here is affected by weather, of all kinds. I haven’t forgotten how awful it was in the small flat in Camden though, when we had hot summers in London.
      Take care mate. x


    1. Air conditioning is still rare here Frank. Some shops and cinemas have it, but very few private residences. I haven’t been to Florida of course, but when I see it on TV and in films, everyone looks hot.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  6. We had rain yesterday though it was still warm. More of a constant drizzle really and I was quite happy as it meant I didn’t have to water the pots and I was able to concentrate on the tennis instead of dithering whether to be inside or out! Hope your storms aren’t too excessive 🙂


  7. We Yanks complain about the weather all the time. I think, my friend, it is universal. Sorry your weather has been extreme–I hope you get your cooler temps and low humidity. (Actually, here in Arizona, I wish for this, too!) 😉


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