Ollie and his skin (Again…)

I know that many of you like to read about Ollie’s walks, his antics, and his enjoyment of the countryside. So I thought I would update you with what is going on with him. Once again, he has a skin infection. Luckily, his ears are clear, despite the shaking, but he has managed to scratch or nibble off almost all of his fur in the area from his chest, to all along between his legs.

The exposed skin has become sore and bleeding in places, and it has obviously caused him a lot of distress over the past few days. Part of this problem is inherent to his breed, but it is also a combination of factors that make it hard to target the treatment. Hot weather, seasonal moulting, and possible allergies to certain pollen, nettles, and water plants; any or all of these could be the reason he is experiencing so much irritation.

He had a good examination at the vet yesterday afternoon. He was put on a steroid tablet (Prednisolone) immediately. This has helped a great deal in the past, and soothes his itching. For the areas of broken skin, he was given antibiotics, and we also have a medicated shampoo to use at a later date, once the sores clear up. if his ears flare up again, we have two kinds of ear drops to try. This goes on for ten days, and he has to go back for a review. The tablets have already given him some relief, as evidenced by the fact that he is hardly scratching this morning, and managing to sleep peacefully on his bed.

In many ways, caring for a dog is like looking after a small child. They can’t tell you what the problem is, and they don’t like going to the doctor, or taking the medicine. You have to stop them doing things that they enjoy, for their own good, and they don’t understand why you are doing it.
We have no doubt that Ollie will get better in a week or so, and thank everyone for their concern.

31 thoughts on “Ollie and his skin (Again…)

    1. Thanks David. He is still a little subdued, and his fur is ‘flat’ and lacking sheen. A combination of the hot weather and skin trouble has laid him low. Let’s hope he perks up soon.
      Best wishes as always, Pete.


      1. Sorry Pete. I assumed someone would have told you prior to now otherwise I would have dropped you an email. Yes very sad and a tough time for a lot of people. E2 Stn will never have the same feel about it without them.


        1. I found out through Mark McCarthy. Unfortunately, I have lost touch with the guys at Wood since I moved. What a strange coincidence, both guys in the same year. Sad indeed.


  1. I’m glad he is feeling better! Meli has a tick infection so she is on antibiotics for a month(!) She doesn’t appreciate it but, as you said, it’s like having a small child. Anyway, after each antibiotics dose, she gets a nice treat, so I guess it’s not THAT bad! 🙂


    1. He is insured Jude, but we have to pay the first £65, then 10% of the balance. It is only worth claiming for big stuff, like when he had his tail operations. (His insurance premium is more than both cars!)
      Regards as always, Pete. x


      1. Eeks! Now that’s something to be aware of when getting a pooch. Perhaps I’ll stick to getting a cat.

        Running a car is our biggest expense so one we will need to watch once we are existing entirely on pensions 😦


        1. It is mainly because we claimed almost £5,000 in the first two years, to pay for his three eye operations. Most dog insurances are not as expensive as Ollie’s, unfortunately for us.


        2. In a way. I was intending to wait a year or two, then perhaps get a small dog. The previous next-door neighbours in Beetley were breeding with Ollie’s Mum, Julie saw the pups when I still lived in London. The rest, as they say, is history…x


          1. Cute pups! I’m still not ready to stop travelling so until I reach that stage I probably will stick to taking the camera for a walk 😀 I do like dogs though, they are great companions.


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