Significant Songs (85)

Say What You Want

In the late 1980s, I first became aware of a group from Scotland. They were called Texas, and had a soft-rock sound that I would not normally like at all. However, the lead vocalist had a voice that appealed to me a great deal, and I used to enjoy hearing them on the car radio. Not enough to buy any of their records perhaps, but pleasant enough for a few minutes.

I saw them appear on TV, and discovered that the singer was Sharleen Spiteri, a Glaswegian of Italian origin. The main force behind the band was Johnny McElhone, who had been in two bands I had previously liked very much, Altered Images, and Hipsway. Although I wasn’t over-keen on their output at the time, I could see a great deal of potential, and a good combination of talent. Over the next few years, they failed to make their mark, with occasional releases never setting the charts on fire, and receiving less and less airplay. I had more or less forgotten about them, until 1997.

Their fourth album was called ‘White On Blonde’. It went straight in at number one, and it was immediately obvious that the years of hard work had finally paid off for the group. No less than five hit singles were released off this album, and Texas became a household name overnight. The biggest hit, and still their largest seller to date, was the simple love song, ‘Say What You Want.’ I thought it was really good, with powerful vocals, and some very good guitar too. It has endured for me ever since, although the band went their separate ways, before recently re-forming. See what you think.

7 thoughts on “Significant Songs (85)

  1. She has a great voice, that’s for sure.The song is very catchy, too!

    And on an only somewhat related note, I discovered that a lot of the posts from my old blog were actually saved by the Internet Archive. So, I’m going to try and retrieve some of my better posts including some film and music related posts. I’ll be sure to let you know when they become available.


  2. I remember the first album well as I had returned to the UK and did a spell as a caretaker in a school and enjoyed cleaning the gym. Lock the doors, put on the music and while away the day buffing the floor to the sounds of Texas.


  3. I came across this band here in the states due to a Q magazine sampler – and I love them. They never achieved fame here, but the 2-disc greatest hits is terrific!


    1. Thanks John, I am pleased to find someone over there who knows them. The Greatest Hits collection is a must-buy, I agree. It has some really good tracks, and has been a huge seller in the UK. Best wishes, Pete.


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