Ollie and a rainy day

I recently wrote about the uncomfortable heatwave that we experienced, here in Norfolk. It didn’t last that long, and it has rained every day since. One of the benefits, no doubt, of living in the driest county in England. I watched the BBC weather news this morning, and the forecaster predicted, ‘showers in the east.’ He should have called one of his colleagues in the region, and got the facts. It rained all morning, until 4 pm, often in torrential bursts.

After a morning spent cleaning the house, I was ready to take Ollie for his walk, at the usual time. I have recently stopped carrying my trusty ‘country stick.’ This is mainly a measure to stop Ollie being attacked by unfriendly dogs, but it has many uses, as it is very sturdy. It has been replaced by my ‘gentleman’s umbrella’, originally purchased from John Lewis, in London. This has seen good service, and was well-worth the money. It made life easier at many bus stops in central London, and helped me during long walks home in the rain, in my time in the Capital. It is windproof, and has a curved wooden handle, all very traditional.

As soon as we started to head for the Meadows, the brolly was up. It wasn’t cold, and my shorts and short-sleeved shirt were evidence of the humidity. The shower soon turned to a downpour, as is its habit, and there were no fellow dog-walkers to share my misery. Ollie quickly decided that if he was going to get wet on dry land, he might just as well be in the river. He jumped in, searching for ducks. Finding none in residence, he continued walking along the water, hoping to find anything of interest. As he has previously discovered moorhens, voles, and even a large trout, there was some sense to his quest. In the absence of playmates, I tried to give him some interest. I soon had him searching for a platypus, then an anteater, and finally, a unicorn. Naturally, he had never seen any of these creatures, and one of them is mythical, so doesn’t exist anyway. Nonetheless, his determination was marked by his demeanour, and off he went.

After an hour, he tired of the river, and came out to join me on the grass. My leather deck-shoes were soaked by the wet grass, and they felt as if I was walking in cold wet sponges, not a pleasant experience. We carried on looking for something, anything to break the monotony of the endless rain. I suggested that he look for a Pangolin. He did his best, but had no idea what I was on about. He managed to find a rabbit, just the one. It was chased into its burrow, so his job was done to his satisfaction. By then , I was losing the will to continue, and as we had been out for almost two hours, I headed for home. I was thinking that I would have to have at least two towels to dry him off. I got into the driveway, and put his lead away, going inside to prepare the towels, and also dry off myself.

Then the rain stopped, and the sun came out. It didn’t last though, in case you were wondering.


23 thoughts on “Ollie and a rainy day

  1. Hehe, we’ve got rain in Norway too, I can’t help it, I love rainy days. šŸ™‚
    Best wishes from Fredrikstad, with lots of sunny spells for Norfolk,
    Dina xx


  2. Pete, I’m happy to read that Ollie’s condition is much better, and he’s back to swimming in the pond. Sorry to hear of all your rain…But, please tell the rain masters to send some my way across the pond.. The grass is looking like straw.. Take care ~ Great Story ~ from Laura


    1. Thanks Laura. He isn’t scratching much, but his fur is still falling out all over the place!
      I have asked our rain to make its way to Canada, and it said that it might consider departing Norfolk over the next couple of days…x

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      1. Pete, bless you for sending the rain my way, I’ll keep you posted on these results…. other than that I’ll be outside waving my fists at the sky calling the rain to hurry up.. Buckets of water for the garden gets mighty heavy.

        Laura šŸ™‚


  3. It is always a joy to read Ollie’s adventures. Keep them coming Pete. At least even if it rains there every day, you won’t worry about flash flood. We have a respite from the rainy days since the weekend, I hope the weather stays good the rest of the month.


  4. On and off here too. But I’m envious of your umbrella. I’ve given up when it gets windy and just take the raincoat. I’ve had more umbrellas destroyed by the weather than I can remember. I hope Ollie will find a magical creature one of these days.


    1. Wimbledon fortnight is notorious for bad weather, I agree. But it has finished now, and the weather is still awful. Perhaps I need Cliff Richard to sing a song and cheer me up? Maybe not…
      Regards, Pete.


  5. A platypus, an anteater, a pangolin, and a unicorn. An interesting assortment of animals! From Ollie’s point of view, they must all seem mythical since he can’t seem to find any of them. Next time, have him go hunt for jackalopes. If he stumbles on a rabbit, you can tell him it’s a baby jackalope that hasn’t grown horns yet.
    I’d never heard of a brolly, but, due to context, figured it meant an umbrella. I’ll have to blow the dust off mine one of these days….


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