Blogging and Forums:The best of the Internet?

I consider myself to be lucky, to have started a blog. I have met people from all over the world, who I would otherwise never have known about let alone encountered, albeit electronically. I have found out about new books, the skill of writers and writing, and enjoyed some simply amazing photography. There have been in depth-discussions, a huge amount of learning, and the sheer joy of discovery. I have also been privileged to learn about different countries, cultures, food and drink, and lives lived very differently to my own.

There has been valuable feedback, both positive and negative, humour, tremendously good writing to admire, and images to gasp at. There are bloggers who just amaze, and some who have heart-rending stories to tell. All of life is out there, and the blog brings it to your house, and into your room. In an unusual way, I have made friends. They might be friends that I will never actually meet (though I did meet one) but they are undoubtedly friends, by any interpretation of that term.

I have shared a great deal of my own life online. This was not a hardship, and it didn’t seem at all intrusive. I was happy to do it. The simple act of writing a blog has brought me into contact with individuals who have so much to share, and we now have the audience to share it with. The small but select group of followers, and those who I follow in return, have become a part of my life.ย A good part. Whether it is discussing films and cinema, illnesses, simple walks with my dog, or issues from my past that have formed my character, there has always been someone to contribute an experience, or an opinion.

Then there is the help and advice. Just ask a question, complain about something, or actively seek help, and it is always there, just a click away. People are just naturally helpful. You only have to give them the chance. Forums are also such a revelation. Look up anything, and you will find a forum for it. Users of products or services are only too happy to assist with the problems encountered by a complete stranger. They are generally positive too, always doing their best to resolve your issue, free of charge, and in their own time. I often wonder how we coped without all this help and advice, but I know the reality. We wrote to the companies. They fobbed us off with jargon, or platitudes, and we remained dissatisfied. Now, we have the strength and power of thousands, all thanks to the Internet, and the selflessness of others.

Whenever I concern myself about Facebook, the ‘Internet Generation’, or the problems of living life electronically, I stop myself, and remember the good. The good people, the bloggers, the concerned community, and the people who care. Where else would I read such amazing personal poetry? It would never get published, that’s for sure. How would I ever know about individual battles with cancer, or disease? It just wouldn’t happen. And the wonderful writing. How would I ever read it? This truly is the best of the Internet, and I urge you all to participate. I am going to add a long list of links. Bloggers you might like, bloggers you should read. Some are my friends, others acquaintances. They all have something wonderful to contribute. And I thank them all. From the heart. I have advertised some of these previously, but I urge you to examine them once more.

Ms Crimmins, The Witch of Endor. Writing- off the scale brilliant. Thoughts, considerations, and imagery that have made me re-think so much. Simply sublime.
Pippa. What can I say? English language personified. Experience, acting, thoughts and ideas, amazing use of images. I couldn’t live without her.
Young Emma. Loves film and TV. Blogger, participant. youth, excitement, film and cinema. It’s all here.
Sophie. Transplanted from England, to North Carolina. Air Force wife, mother, crafter, artist, and all-round lovely lady. One of my earliest friends, and still one of the best ever.
James at Curnblog. Film aficionado, publisher of my external posts. Degree in film, just wonderful.
Cindy from America. Films, photography, thoughts and opinions, and so much more.
Arlene, from Manila. One of my oldest and dearest followers and friends. A family life, a cancer survivor, a book-lover, and prolific blogger. I would never have known her otherwise, and I am proud to be her friend.
Ed Mooney. Irish historian, and black and white photographer at a high level. Ireland, in a blog.
Lucy. The only ‘local’ blogger I know. Life in Norfolk, classical music, and evocative photography. A life lived well, with volunteering, and social conscience. Soon to go to university in York.
Sarah Vernon. Actress, artist, commentator, presenter of many blogs, and as erudite as they come. Marvellous stuff, in every way imaginable..
Arne. An ex-colleague, who recently lost a leg in an accident, and is documenting his recovery. Chess, cycling, and a German perception on London life.
Laura Scott. Transplanted from the USA to Canada. Weather, plants, crafting, recipes, and a joy for life.
Jimmy Marr. Ex-colleague, trying to get to grips with photography. A Londoner, and stand-up guy.
Tony Kyriacou. Valued friend, photographic guru, ex-colleague, and great bloke. One of the best.
Olga. A Catalan living in the UK. Writer, critic, and film fan. And a lovely lady too.
GP Cox. An American, recalling WW2 from a Pacific perspective. Devoted, solid, and committed.
David Miller. Las Vegas resident, Francophile, film fan, limerick compiler, and published author. We go back a fair way, and it wouldn’t be the same without him.
Nicholas Rossis. A Greek, living the current nightmare. Prolific author of sci-fi, and extensively published. A family man, in Athens, and an all-round gentleman, who I am proud to know.
Jane, in the north-east of England. A beautiful lady, and talented artist. Conservationist, charity supporter, and all-round lovely woman. I am so pleased to have met her.
Gretchen, from New England. A wonderful artist and animal lover. She writes, like me, of weather, heat and cold, and pets. She crafts, she paints. She is an inspiration.
Jude, who documents her travels in wonderful prose and photographs. One of my oldest and dearest blogging friends. She can make Britain look so wonderful, even though we know it is.
Niall, an Irishman living in Canada. He writes about film, TV, literature, and the Irish view.
Here’s a different one. Roland is a Christian Communist from Australia. He lectures in China, and North Korea, and his observations may make you re-think your preconceptions.
Sumptuous photography from Dina, and philosophy from Klausbernd. A German and a Norwegian, based in Norfolk, Norway, and Bonn, present a wonderful view of life, in words and pictures, You won’t be disappointed, I guarantee it.
Vinnie is young, and he is English. He loves film and TV, and writes grown-up reviews about all sorts of stuff. Worth trying, for a different perspective.
Eddy Winko (made up name) is an Englishman in Poland. Married to Gosia, with a lovely young daughter, he is trying to live the alternative lifestyle, in a rural community. One of my first, and most valued blogging friends.
Sue is also in England, and she is exploring photography in numerous ways. Many of her images are simply perfect. Those that are not, are still amazing to look at.ย
Frank lives in Florida. He has Diabetes, and has lived a very interesting life. He writes poetry, and some reflections on his past, and gets angry about things. In a good way.

I have left many off this list, but I hope that you find time to explore some of them, and perhaps follow them too. They are all part of the blogging community that I am proud to belong to.


41 thoughts on “Blogging and Forums:The best of the Internet?

  1. Cheers Pete! I better get a post out soon ๐Ÿ™‚ What you say rings very true, I often think of blogging as a thinking persons Facebook, if you have the time ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Oh bloody hell, Pete, how you humble and vex me! Just when I relaxed and thought, Iโ€™m blogged out again, nothing more to say, let me take refuge in silent gaps in time, RIP โ€“ you put me on a recommended reading list.

    I shall have to post a white space now, so anyone dropping by will think Iโ€™m being mysterious and meaningful.

    It is your generosity, intellectual curiosity and adherence to truth that elevates blogging, more than anyone elseโ€™s in the sphere. You have a genuine community spirit.

    You are the Sun of Norfolk!

    Every good wish to you, Julie and Ollie xx


  3. Great post celebrating the blogging world, Pete. I am assuming (very big-headed of me), that I am the Sue mentioned, but you didn’t put a link to my post!! I’m following a few of the folks mentioned by you, but off to visit some more. I feel very pleased to have ‘met’ you, Pete and look forward to many years of friendship ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. I smile when I read something like this, that blogging is such a worthy endeavor for us to grow and share and make friends along the way. Thank you for the friendship Pete! Keep these lovely posts coming.


    1. That’s the reason I do these posts every now and then Arlene. To keep us connected, and to celebrate the potential that can be achieved from blogging.
      Best wishes from England as always, Pete.


  5. Pete, thanking you ever so much for the shout-out. I love finding new blogs on here all the time, so thank you for the list as I shall be popping over there to have a look see. Take care as always, from Laura ~


      1. Aw… Pete, thanks again for your kind comments.. I’ve been out in the yard cleaning up from the birch tree that had to be removed. I’ve plans for a 4×6 permaculture bed to placed along side of the birch stump,. I figure I can sit on the stump when I get tired from weeding the garden. It was truly a sad day to see my once beautiful tree come down, but it’s going to a good use.. all of the logs from the tree will become the base of the bed. So, my tree lives on giving goodness to the earth and my vegetable garden for next year.

        Take care dear friend and happy blogging to ya, from Laura


  6. Ah thank you beetleypete for the shout-out (now that’s something I never knew about until I started blogging). You feel like one of my oldest friends and I really appreciate each and every one of the comments you make on my posts. I shall return to this post and check out the rest of your recommendations, even if just to say hi. This is a nice way of showing appreciation without all the fuss of those award thingamajigs ๐Ÿ˜€
    Jude xx


  7. I think your efforts at building a tighter knit community of blog followers is to be commended. I’ve already checked out some of these links, and will definitely explore the others. I know many of us are restricted in how much time we can spend on the internet without neglecting the personal lives we lead in our immediate environment, but, to the extent possible, we should all try to support each other by visiting, and perhaps following, the blogs of your internet friends and acquaintances. Thanks for including me among them.


    1. You are most welcome David. I know time is short for all of us, but this is just by way of a suggestion, if you find yourself interested in any way. Your own blog, and your support of mine, are of great value to me, as I am sure that you know,
      Best wishes, Pete.


  8. Well, aren’t you a peach! Thanks, dear Pete, for think of me and listing my blog as one of your favorites. I appreciate your blog, too, and I think it’s weird how strangers are indeed friends! 21st Century pen-pals. ๐Ÿ™‚


  9. I’m very proud and sincerely happy to consider myself/us your friend and belonging to your community, Pete. Thank you much for the great shout out! โค You made our day now! ๐Ÿ™‚
    You're absolutely right, there is so much infotainment on the internet and so much to read and study and first-class help and support. If we have a problem that we can't solve, we consult the net; you can be sure, someone else had the same problem prior to us and all the answers are there, it's fantastic. Klausbernd and the bookfayries prefer to read books, but I get just as much ideas and inspiration from reading the net.
    I'm familiar with many of the bloggers in your community, but not all of the them, so I'm happily looking forward to paying them all a visit soon. Momentarily I'm on my way from Norway to beautiful Sweden and my time online is limited, so I say "god natt" og tusen takk, nok en gang! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Big hug to you and Ollie from us all,
    Dina, Siri Selma in Norway and Klausbernd in Norfolk Xx


    1. Thanks Eric. I know that time is of the essence for all of us. I was intending to include your blog in the next article in this series, once I know more about it. Your support of my blog (and Pippa’s) is highly valued.
      Best wishes, Pete.


      1. Don’t feel obligated to include me in the next article in the series. Some of my material bothers people. Not that I mind appearing on your list! I just don’t want you to think I’ll stop reading and commenting just because you decide against including me.


        1. Everyone can make up their own minds about what bothers them Eric. I will be happy to suggest that they have a look for themselves. I have no doubt that you will continue to comment, as you know that your input is always respected, and greatly appreciated. I have another list of those I missed this time, and when that is published, you will be on it.
          Best wishes from England. Pete.

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