At last, some photos

After the various posts about photos, both recently, and previously, I have finally managed to get some more onto the blog media library. They are not intended to be great examples of photography, far from it. This is not a photography blog, after all. They are in response to numerous requests to see Ollie out and about, and to give some idea of the area of Beetley Meadows, a place that features so regularly in my posts.

The photos were all taken with the new camera, trying it out on the first chance I got. For those of you interested in the technical details, they were shot on Aperture Priority, with f5.6 set on the lens itself. The film simulation mode was set before shooting, using Classic Chrome, a representation of Kodachrome 64, which was an old-style film, discontinued a few years ago.
Various exposure compensation was used, mostly +1 stop. There has been no post-processing software applied in any form, and they are all out-of-camera jpegs. The full-size files are available to view by clicking the pictures, and they can be enlarged from there too.

Ollie marking his territory.
Fjui X30 006

The bend in the river. The closest thing we have to a beach in Beetley.
Fjui X30 047

Endless clumps of stinging nettles. The nettle should be the official plant of Beetley.
Fjui X30 014

Beetley Meadows, looking south-east towards the bend in the river. The woods are to the left.
Fjui X30 021

The river, choked by water plants, looking west. Hoe Rough is across the water, to the left. (Taken facing into the sun)
Fjui X30 033

Ollie in the water. He is searching for ducks, or anything of interest.
Fjui X30 039

There you have six shots to be getting on with. Now I have managed to succeed in transferring photos to the computer, (see previous post) I will endeavour to post some on a regular basis.
And they will hopefully be better photos too.


36 thoughts on “At last, some photos

    1. Thanks Marie. Ollie is three years old now. He is the result of a Sharpei pedigree dog, and a Sharpei bitch, that was crossed with a Chocolate Labrador, so he is 75% Sharpei, with the gentle nature and friendliness of the Lab. We have had him since he was born, as he was bred by our previous next door neighbours. There are lots of posts about his adventures, just search the tag ‘Ollie’.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  1. Pete, this is a most delightful post. I’ve been outdoors for two days working on my third Permaculture bed, using the logs cut from my birch tree. I love the first picture of Ollie marking is territory. Made me giggle and the other pictures were just amazing. I’m looking so forward to more pictures on your blog. There’s just something about a photo that brings us all closer as bloggers. Bravo Ollie ~ you’re a Star !

    Take care and happy blogging to ya, from Laura ~


  2. What beautiful photos (I bet you are pleased with the camera!) I could live there in a shepherd’s hut 🙂 I love the British countryside. Love, love, love it.

    I can’t believe you took a picture of Ollie peeing! He looks embarrassed haha 🙂

    I hope there’s some dock leaves on hand! (do you spell it “dock leaves”? Looks wrong!)

    Gorgeous pics x


    1. Thanks Emma. I am pleased with these first results from the camera, especially as I still have much to learn about all its functions.
      It’s hard not to take a shot of Ollie pee-marking his ‘territory’, as he does it about 50 times per walk…
      I’m afraid I wouldn’t recognise a dock leaf, unless it had a sign on it!
      Glad you liked them. x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I bet it’s quite bamboozling. I would probably never learn all the great things it does and just take the same picture each time ha ha.

        50 times per walk!!!!! Ollie!!!!! 😀

        Dock leaves are big ‘leafy’ leaves (great description eh! Next time I’ll tell you they’re green!) and always found near stinging nettles as they subdue the sting.

        Well, supposedly! x


          1. Rumex! Now I’m the one who’s stumped hee hee.

            They’re always flat to the ground, big leaves, they don’t grow high.

            (sorry I’m being really boring aren’t I!) x


  3. Lovely to see your territory at last (though you do an excellent job in describing it) and Ollie in the water looking for pangolins was it at the last count? A bit like around here, without the ups, and greener than I’d imagined. Actually that header image is not far off your Beetley meadow (sans mountains). Now you can replace it with one of your own. Including Ollie of course. After all he does share this with you (now there’s a thought – you could set up his own blog 😀 )
    Nice bench BTW 😉
    Jude xx


    1. Glad you saw the header connection, as there is a shot from Hoe Rough that I will take, that looks quite similar. (No hills or mountains though…)
      It is very green here, and many spots are even greener than Beetley.
      New images under consideration now that the problem is sorted.
      Regards as always, Pete. x

      Liked by 1 person

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