Significant Songs (86)

Lido Shuffle

I first noticed Boz Scaggs from his involvement in the Steve Miller Band. They were formed in 1966, and were a rock band from the west coast of America. This was not generally the kind of music I liked, but the combination of guitar, vocals, and unusual songs seemed to separate them from many similar groups at the time. After leaving their roots in Blues for a flirtation with the emerging style known as psychedelic rock, they eventually released the song ‘The Joker’, in 1973. This was a massive hit, and raised their profile considerably.

Like many groups at the time, they had a mixed line-up, with members leaving and joining. One of those was Boz Scaggs; guitarist, songwriter, and vocalist, with a very distinctive style. In 1968, Scaggs began to release solo records, with some success. In 1976, he released the best-selling album ‘Silk Degrees’, containing this song and other hits, including the highly-acclaimed ‘Lowdown’, and established himself as a solo performer worldwide.

Although he never managed to repeat this success with subsequent releases, this catchy pop song has stuck in my mind ever since. I often find myself humming it, even when it has not been played on the radio for ages. I cannot say that it is a great song, far from it. The lyrics appear to be meaningless, and seem to be there just to complete the rhymes. It is nowhere near as good as ‘Lowdown’, but it is irresistible, and sums up a time and place in pop music. Make up your own minds…
This is the shorter version, released as the single.


11 thoughts on “Significant Songs (86)

  1. Wow! I had forgotten this song existed but now it’s totally stuck in my head!

    Recently posted about a song myself:

    Not sure it’s the sort of song you would like. The band is called Bad Religion and they started off as a punk band but grew into more of a post-punk/new wave sort of outfit. (Whatever those terms mean!) The song is a somewhat dated overtly political song about the nuclear arms race called Atomic Garden. I think it is haunting despite the fact that the nuclear arms race seems like something from the distant past – much easier to navigate and understand than terrorism and global warming and all the other threats we need to process these days.

    Anyway, feel free to give it a listen and a read.


  2. Pete, loved this song and I too sang along with the lyrics on the radio. Thanks once again for the memories of younger days, humming along with the tunes.. Take care and happy blogging to ya, from Laura ~


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