A new article: The Camera on Film

Once again, I have been fortunate to have an article published by James on curnblog.com
This time, it is about films that feature photographers. So, cameras, photography, some good films, and many you might not have seen. I have added a link, and I hope that you will click on it, and read the original.


Best wishes to all. Pete.


16 thoughts on “A new article: The Camera on Film

  1. Pete, what a great line up of films, some of these I’ve seen and fully enjoyed. The Eyes of Laura Mars was one of my faves, along with The Bridges of Madison County. The others will be searched out and I know I’ll enjoy them greatly.. Thank you so much for the memories and this delightful post. Take care from Laura


    1. You should watch it again Sue. It is a nostalgic look at the era now, and great to see London as it was back then. Despite the British cast and setting, it is also very obviously Antonioni.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. I was glued to the screen reading your guest post, Pete.
        As Al says, you are a true pleasure to read. A poet and a good storyteller, also in your reviews. And what a gem; I don’t know any of the films! 🙂
        it doesn’t matter if you write about film, music or architecture; you are sure to present goodies beside the mainstream. 👍
        The films all sound most interesting ad I’ll start by ordering “Everlasting Moments”. Thank you for this excellent post.

        Best regards, Dina x


  2. Nice article Pete. I was able to watch Bridges of Madison County before and I also have that lovely volume by Robert James Waller. That started me collecting his books but I lost some of them during typhoon Ondoy.


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