A Beetley phenomenon

Last night, I experienced yet another example of something that has become a part of our lives, since moving to this house. After retiring to bed at a reasonable hour, my sleep was disturbed some time later, when I began to feel very hot in bed. We only have a lightweight duvet, as the house is generally draught-free and well-insulated, so we never feel the need for anything heavy on the bed.

On the rare occasions when it is very hot and humid, we might resort to sleeping under just a sheet, or use the large pedestal fan that we keep handy. But it hasn’t been that warm lately, so we have carried on with the thin duvet and having the window open, as is our habit.

After waking with discomfort from the heat, I flipped the cover off, leaving about half my body exposed outside it. I soon began to cool off, and slipped back nicely into a deep sleep. Less than an hour later, I woke up feeling too cold, and reversed the procedure, snuggling back under the covers. Sure enough, some time before dawn, still dark outside, I woke up once again, feeling uncomfortably hot, and flipped off the duvet once more.

This continued throughout the whole night, as it frequently does. When I finally woke up this morning, I actually felt exhausted, and seemed to have had no benefit whatsoever, from over eight hours in bed. We have talked about this a lot, this nightly warming of the house, the unusual feeling of never quite being able to achieve a good balance between warmth and cold. We have even given it a name.

Too hot in, too cold out.

22 thoughts on “A Beetley phenomenon

      1. Since I use the A/C sparingly, the mattress absorbs heat throughout the day so that by bedtime the mattress feels like a heating pad. I don’t know if your mattress is the culprit, but if you don’t have A/C and your house heats up, then it may be time to throw your sheets in the fridge for a while!


  1. Ah, the human bed. Once I am sprawled upon it, I do not move. Not even when Mom tries to worm her way in. I am sure that is one of the reasons Mom is always waking up hot/cold/hot/cold. But I’m comfortable. Woof!


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