My third anniversary

Today marks my third year as a WordPress blogger. Since the first short and tentative post in 2012, much has changed on this blog. I have even started a second blog, added more categories to this one, and recently I began to add photos too.

I have lost some followers, mislaid others somewhere along the way, and attracted lots of new ones as well. Many have become real blogging ‘friends’ and have introduced me to very different lives, in unusual places all over the world. I have been privileged to read some incredible writing, and some deep thoughts and poetry. There has been work of academic standard to enjoy, alongside the no less valued tales of everyday life from other parts of this country, or all over the planet.

Pictures and photographs have been posted to be admired, criticised, or just seen. Old friends contacted through blogging, news caught up on, and families reunited. Moans and gripes aired, films reviewed, memories and nostalgia wallowed in. And my education continues, with fascinating historical posts, journeys to far-flung corners, or to places nearby that I had never even heard of.

I have discovered viewpoints that are very different to mine, also life experiences that are surprisingly similar. Bloggers of all ages, united by writing and interests, never divided by years.

My totals and figures are nothing exceptional, by the standards of many bloggers.
Total posts. 740
Total views. 36,000
All comments. 7,600
Followers. 653 (Including Twitter and E-Mail)

But all that is a far cry from what I expected, just three short years ago. It seems longer, and in a good way. It has become a part of my life that I would miss if it stopped. It has real value.

31 thoughts on “My third anniversary

  1. Pete, I always enjoy your blog. I appreciate the wide range of subjects and the wit and humor with which you spice your writing. And, of course, I have to tune in to the Beetley Show to see what canine blog star Ollie is doing now.


  2. Keep of those rattling them off Pete, playing catch up at the moment, but still yours is the first blog I read of those that I follow. Hope you are feeling better by the way?


  3. Congratulations on the anniversary (I also started my blogging adventure in 2012 but I still have a few months before I get to the three years) and I hope you feel better soon. Take care.


    1. Not really Pippa. Splitting headache, and the Goblin bonesmiths have been at my ribs overnight. I have no doubt it will clear up soon. Many thanks for your concern, and your congratulations too. x


  4. Pete, congrats on three wonderful years of blogging. I’ve totally enjoyed each and every post you’ve made, since we became friends here in the blog world. I look forward to many many more years of enjoying what you have to say and your thoughts on things in general. You’ve been a dear friend who is ready and willing to visit my blog and I can always count on a thoughtful comment from you… Best wishes, from Laura


  5. Well done Pete! I’m still in the “rather read than post” zone, part laziness, part lack of confidence. I really do love to read about your goings on with Ollie and other parts of your life – so carry on please Sir 🙂


  6. I am very pleased to have met you. You have introduced me to Norfolk (well Ok mostly Beetley) and Ollie and I love listening to your rants and moans and observations on life. You often make me smile and I find myself nodding in agreement 🙂 I enjoyed the tales of your youth and seeing London in the sixties and seventies through your eyes. You are a genuine bloke Pete and you definitely put yourself out there. I sincerely hope there are many more posts in you yet and I congratulate you on your blogoversary 🍸 🍸
    Jude xx


    1. Thanks for your very kind comments and observations Jude, and for sticking with me right from the start. I am sure there are a few more posts left in me yet, and it has been my pleasure to share them with genuine people like you. xx

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