Isn’t it ironic?

This post should really be included in my Significant Songs category. However, with few exceptions, they are generally songs that relate to certain periods in my past, and memories, good or bad. The song that popped into my head this morning relates to two current issues affecting my life; feeling ill, and the weather. I have already posted about feeling unwell, so I won’t elaborate on that. As for the weather, well you all know how much I complain about that, don’t you?

After almost a month of rain and damp, I awoke this morning to the unfamiliar sight of bright sunshine. The room felt warm, and the clouds were no longer black in colour, though they were still there of course. Between the slowly moving pillows of cloud, I could make out blue sky, and sun rays were actually entering the room. I gazed at this spectacle with the wonder of someone who has never experienced it before, as if encountering the ocean for the first time.

I decided to get up immediately, and make the most of this rare bounty. But in all the excitement, I had forgotten I was ill. My efforts to exit the bed were similar to that of a robot in dire need of oiling and maintenance. Limbs failed to respond as they should, and the movement of my hips was accompanied by sharp pains, with a dull ache coming from my back, for good measure. The usual few seconds required to get up and put on a dressing-gown (not the fluffy one today, too warm) were extended to well over a minute, as I hauled my reluctant carcass from the mattress.

Walking as if my knees and hips were fixed in position, I made it out to the kitchen, putting the kettle on, and greeting a still-dozing Ollie, bleary-eyed on his bed. Once the morning coffee was ready, I took some pain-killers and shuffled off to sit on the office chair, the most comfortable option at the moment. Reading through some blogs, and replying to comments from last night, I was aware of the sun increasing in intensity through the window of the small room. The nicest day in weeks, and here I was, feeling like I had been hit by a car during the night, and that it had reversed back over me later, to ensure the job was done correctly. I chuckled at the irony, and the song came to mind.

When Alanis Morissette released her song ‘Ironic’ in 1996, I doubt that she had Beetley in mind. Or for that matter, an occasionally very grumpy retired Englishman, shaking his fist at the black clouds overhead. But as a wet July gives way to the hope of a brighter August, it has become the soundtrack to my summer, in 2015.


32 thoughts on “Isn’t it ironic?

    1. I have always tried to write as if talking to a friend. It seems to cross the generation gap, and allows people I have never met to feel as if they know me. I am pleased to see it is working.
      Thanks Alex. Best wishes, Pete.

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  1. Hi Pete, sorry to hear you’ve not been too well. Maybe Ollie should take you out for a walk instead! he looks like he could handle a passenger. Wish you a speedy recovery Pebbsx


  2. I’m just glad your illness hasn’t effected your ability to write, I wonder how your doctor would react if he asked you how you felt and you replied with the description you wrote above πŸ™‚
    I must check if Miss Morrisette has done anything recently, I’ll certainly give her album another listen today.


    1. If this carries on, the doctor will be getting a visit from me Eddy. Fortunately, the office chair is the most comfortable, so carrying on with the blog isn’t an issue.
      Cheers mate. Pete.


  3. It was sunny here yesterday, too. Skies completely clear this morning and a beautiful blue. As you say, it makes a nice change.

    Your bug sounds horrible, though. I do hope you start to feel better soon. Take care x


  4. This song could easily count as a significant song for me. Like most of the songs you post about that I’m familiar with, the biggest problem with it is that when it first made it’s way to the airwaves, it was horribly overplayed! But now that I can listen to it again after a long wait, I can now appreciate ti not only as a catchy song, but also for the charm the singer is able to project. She also does a good job of playing separate aspects of herself having a pow-wow in the car. I had never seen the video before!

    A side note – she was a child actress who appeared on a Canadian children’s TV show that made it’s way into the US. I watched the show a lot although I doubt I could pick her out from a cast shot from back then. The show was not very good but it had a good time slot – it was on just when I got back from school and competed with even worse shows. So… Being the TV junkie I was back then, I would watch it.

    Not sure if she’s done any acting since then, although she may have had a small role in the film Dogma. I think she played God. But I might be confused.


    1. The video was played to death over here Eric, and although it is very clever, I quickly grew tired of it. But the song has great merit, and was perfect for today’s use too.
      best wishes, Pete.


      1. I’m sure the video was played ad nauseum over here, too, but I didn’t have cable when it came out. I was working some dead-end job and pretending I was going to school. But I did hear it endlessly playing at every store or coffee shop or mall I found myself in.


  5. Oh dear, oh dear, hope you’ll feel better real soon, Pete. And please forgive me for laughing and chuckling along with your story.
    Great, cathchy song! πŸ™‚ Yes the summer, you know I’m not good with the weather forecast , but I’ll try once more;
    Sun ist on its way as from the day after tomorrow.
    Best wishes from N+NN
    Dina, Klausbernd, Siri & Selma xxxx
    and a BIG pat for Ollie x


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