On the mend?

I hesitate to speak too soon, but I woke up feeling a lot better today. Seeing as I had just had over ten hours of sleep, to add to the twelve hours each night over the previous few days, It was about time something started to improve. Despite being unable to shake the feeling inside, my joints are responding with a considerable improvement over the last week, and it is much easier to keep my head level, without the dull ache in my neck.

I started the day by making us some bacon sandwiches, before catching up on the last half of a TV programme I had to bail out of last night, when I staggered off to bed at 10 pm. The next job was a nice haircut, using my brand new clippers. They only arrived a few days ago, and are the latest version of a tried and tested favourite brand. I don’t have much to cut of course, (I will get that in, before you do) but always feel rejuvenated by a good number one crop. (Note to men of my age, or those of you of any age who have lost a lot of your hair. Comb-overs, comb-forwards, weedy pony-tails, or growing it long down the back; all unacceptable. It looks desperate and sad at best, ridiculous at worst. Get it cut off. Face reality.) Julie checked my efforts, and tidied up the bits I had missed. Cutting your own hair is never that easy.

Next on the list is a hot bath, followed by the removal of two days worth of stubble. Despite my hair turning white into silver, my moustache has been growing back quite dark once again. As I shave religiously every day, when I am not unwell, I hardly notice it. But facial hair is not for me, so off it will come. After that, I will be taking Ollie for a walk. Yesterday, I wasn’t well enough to do that, so Julie stepped in for me. Unfortunately, she had ‘an episode’ at the bend in the river. Deciding to entice Ollie in for a refreshing dip, she started down the bank, to stand on the gravel by the water’s edge. Almost there, her ankle gave way, and she went into the water, up to her knees. Not good for the nice sandals she had on, or for the smart linen trousers she was wearing at the time.

I will spare her another possible unexpected soaking, by resuming dog-walking duties myself.


29 thoughts on “On the mend?

    1. I recovered from whatever it was, but I confess that it has left me feeling listless, with little energy, and even less get up and go.
      I know about all your hair, David, I have seen the photos!
      Regards from Norfolk. Pete.


  1. Don’t know why I clicked Like as I don’t LIKE what happened to Julie at all! I guess Ollie thought it was great fun, and will expect you to do the same on every walk now.


    1. She did see the funny side of it, and there was no harm done. Ironically, Ollie didn’t follow her in, no doubt scared by what had happened! When I took him yesterday, he was back to his OCD-style behaviour, looking for rabbits and ducks.


    1. Cheers Eddy. Soft southeners get softer with age you know. It’s a proven fact. (The northerners just die, due to having led such hard lives.)
      Take care mate, keep harvesting! Pete.


  2. Pete, bravo! Wonderful to hear your feeling better and on the mend.. Keep taking care and regain yourself to 100%. Take care and happy Sunday to ya, from Laura


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