The Windmill: A photographic update

After being unwell last week, and not managing to do my shift at the windmill, I was happy to be able to return today. I took along my new camera, hoping for fine weather to take some nice photos of the building. Despite the odd break in the cloud, and being warm enough, the light wasn’t that great for photography. I took some anyway, and decided to post them.
They were all taken without any film simulation applied, and no post-processing. They are straight jpegs from the camera, shot on aperture priority at either f4 or f5.6. It occurred to me later, that this might look good in B+W, so I will try some of those another time. Given the small sensor size, I am very pleased with the amount of detail that this camera is able to capture. These are all full-size images, and can be clicked on to enlarge to full screen

This sign is fixed to the outside.


A detail of the sails.


The entrance, looking south.


The Fantail, once used to keep the sails turned into the wind.


Side view, looking west.


The new cafe and community hall.


We had quite a few customers in the cafe this morning, but very few bothered to continue across to the windmill. As the summer holidays continue, we are hoping to get more visitors, at this peak time.


30 thoughts on “The Windmill: A photographic update

  1. Pete, great pictures of the windmill. I love the detail of your pictures, and the wooden benches. It’s sad visitors didn’t follow through and visit the windmill after partaking inside the cafe. Beautiful green grass over there too, everything is brown here with the lack of rain. I think you chose the right camera as the pictures are all lovely.. Take care from, Laura


    1. Thanks for your kind words Laura. Everyone here is saying that the grass is not green enough! There is rain forecast for midweek, so it should be back to ‘normal green’ after that.
      Very glad that you liked the pictures.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Thanks Maggie, glad you liked it.
      And we put a water bowl outside the cafe every day, just for dogs! If you enlarge the last picture, you can see it by the door, silver in colour.
      Best wishes, Pete and Ollie. x

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  2. it looks delightful Pete and I like your shots. A word of warning though, you may want to reduce the size of your images before loading onto WP (you can resize them with the media editor) otherwise you will run out of space eventually. I always reduce mine to around 1000 pixels landscape or 700 pixels portrait. They still enlarge when clicked on, but they are much smaller files.
    Jude xx


      1. Just checked mine and it has reached 50% in two and a half years and I do have a LOT of images on here. I suppose at some point I shall have to either start a new blog or upgrade when the time comes, or maybe I’ll have run out of things to blog about by then!


        1. I checked the upgrades. For $99 dollars a year, you get 13 GB of space, over four times the ‘free’ amount, and no advertisements. I don’t think that’s too bad, for something that I spend so much time doing. That is currently £64 annually, or £1.23 a week. I can’t think what else I can get for that weekly amount, as a newspaper costs that or more, every day.
          Perhaps I will just wait and see, maybe upgrade if I keep posting photos. I should have my state pension by then. Or like you said, just run out of things to blog about! x


          1. The no advertisements is tempting. They annoy me as I don’t know what other people can see on my posts. I think the OH just pays for a media upgrade which is quite cheap as he puts music files on his blog, but I’m not sure that option is still available.


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