A walk with the camera

As it is Sunday, I decided to take the longer walk with Ollie, from Beetley Meadows, to Gingerbread Corner. I have described this walk many times before, so this time, I thought I would take my camera along, and illustrate it with some photos instead. Leaving the house on a warm and sunny afternoon, my plans were soon confounded, by a change in the weather. A freshening wind arrived, blowing in some dark clouds, and ruining what had been excellent light. I decided to take the photos anyway.

We left by the shortcut, at the side of the Fakenham Road bridge. This iron and stone structure has seen better days, and I felt it suited a B+W photograph.


Crossing the road into Mill Lane, we headed up the path. It is always dark along there, whatever the weather, as it is heavily shaded by trees.


Ollie hasn’t got used to the camera yet, and every time he sees me get ready to take a shot, he tends to stand very close. You can see how a recent moult has left him with a variety of colours on his fur. it will be a while before he returns to a uniform brown all over.


Where the path opens out, it goes through the large estate of Goregate Farm. This old farm machinery has been left to rust, presumably unwanted. It might be good for a B+W shot, but I wanted to show the nice rust colour. I sometimes sit on this on the return journey, but I had very light shorts on today.


The plum orchards seem to be neglected. The branches can be seen heavy with ripening fruit, but there has been no weeding between the rows, and some trees appear to be in need of pruning.


Arriving at the huge pig farm, there was little activity to be seen. Most of the occupants of the small huts seemed to be fast asleep, with just the odd pig’s head peeping out to watch us.


Further on, we could see a large combine harvester working in the field bordering Holt Road. You can see the dust created, billowing at the back of the machine. Just a few weeks ago, Ollie was chasing rabbits in the green shoots of these crops, and now they are on the way to market. It still feels strange to think that this is only a short distance from where we live. Makes me feel very ‘rural.’


Before arriving at Gingerbread Corner, we have to walk thorough another section of dark woodland. Ollie likes to look for squirrels here, and as I photographed my favourite tree stump, he was scanning the leaf litter for furry friends.


Arriving at end of the walk, I took this shot of Gingerbread Cottage, which gives the corner its name. We now had to turn around, and reverse our steps. Two hours and fifteen minutes out in the fresh air, and despite five insect bites, we both had a good time.


I have used smaller files, on advice from Jude. You are still be able to click to enlarge, and despite choosing a smaller size in the edit process, they are still quite big! But I am not so happy with them today, as I was struggling for good light the whole time. I hope that you enjoyed being able to put an image to what I have previously described in words.

32 thoughts on “A walk with the camera

  1. I like the Fakenham Road Bridge, the Mill Lane path, the farm machinery at Goregate Farm, and Gingerbread Cottage. The old tree stump would make for a good photographic study throughout the year. It’s great to see some photos on your blog these days!


    1. I am pleased that you are enjoying the photos, David. All the storage issues and re-sizing problems have driven me to distraction over the last few days, so positive comments like this will encourage me to add more shots in the future.
      Regards from Beetley. Pete.


  2. Enjoying the pics Pete, love the old tree stump. I laughed at the old farm equipment at the side of the field, it would be put to good use here or sold for scrap 🙂
    A tip on resizing is to use Windows Live Writer, you can write your posts offline, add your edited pictures at full resolution and when it comes to posting up to the blog (as a draft in my case) the program resizes everything for you automatically.
    It is available as part of a free package, http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-live/essentials-other you may want to untick the other options and just get the Writer.


    1. Cheers Eddy. I have had some great tips and advice about how to re-size photos. It has left me feeling like I need to go on a computer course though! I never even considered the size and space issue with the blog, another technology slip-up on my part. I cannot stress enough how little I know about computers. Despite writing the blog, and occasional word documents, every time I try to do something, whether add a new folder of photos, or attach things to e-mails, it is a fresh challenge each time.
      I just don’t seem to ‘get it’, a bit like I never got algebra.

      Thanks anyway, and I am pleased that you enjoyed the photos.
      Love to all in Poland. Pete.


  3. Good to see more of your world 🙂 I particularly like the one of the bridge.

    I resize all the photos for my blog in ‘Paint’ (which comes free with Windows) and save the smaller versions with a slightly different name – usually including the word ‘small’ or ‘s’ so that I know which copy of the photo is the small one. I have, in the past, lost the original because I just clicked ‘save’ after resizing by mistake, so that would be something to watch out for. You need to make sure you click ‘save as’ and rename the file in order to retain the original. Once you have a small copy, you can upload it to WordPress in just the same way as before.


    1. Thanks for the comment and the useful tip, Ros. It looks as if I am going to have to spend some serious research time on re-sizing and saving photos, if I am to carry on posting some on here. The shot of the bridge had been in my mind for a while, so I am glad you liked it. The others were purely informative, ‘postcard’ style shots, just to show what I normally write about.
      Best wishes, Pete.


      1. Open ‘Paint’. Top left hand corner, there’s a little arrow thing with a picture that looks vaguely like a book or file next to it. Click on it. Click on ‘open’, locate the flie in the list and then click on ‘open’ to open it.

        Alternatively, locate the file on your computer. Right click on it. Run the cursor down to where it says ‘open with’ and you will get a list of programs. Click on ‘Paint’.

        Hope that’s clear. Get back to me if it isn’t. Ros


  4. You’re quite enjoying the new cam and I love the photos so keep them coming. Now, I won’t have to imagine Ollie enjoying his walk. That’s just right that you have reduced the size of the photos, believe me, they eat a lot of your free space when you post them in high-res format. I am reducing the size of some of my uploaded photos because I only have 31% free space according to WordPress.


    1. Thanks Arlene, I am pleased that you are enjoying them. The sizing issue needs investigation. I might have to get some tips from someone who is good with computing!
      Best wishes, Pete.


      1. I restore most of my photos at Photobucket but I keep them personal there so I am the only one who gets to see them. If I need resizing and some cropping and editing, I just copy the photos later to my documents then upload to wherever I want to use them. try it, it is user -friendly.


  5. Great to see your surroundings, Pete, to add more flesh to your words! I agree with Jude, you need to resize your files to ensure you don’t run out of space, amongst other things…..my files are between 30 and 70kb in the main.


    1. Thanks Sue. I am still learning about re-sizing, and everything else associated with the details of digital photos and blogs. I find it all quite frustrating, so I expect I am missing a simple tip along the way!
      Best wishes, Pete.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. I have Photoshop Elements, but have never used it. (It was bought as a gift, but looks like Sanskrit to me…) Looking at what you and Jude have advised, it would seem that I am going to have to start to learn!
          Best wishes, Pete.

          Liked by 1 person

  6. No complaints from me! Your camera takes very sharp images and I am enjoying seeing your surroundings in pictures even though I think you do an excellent job in prose. I hope you edit your images before uploading them Pete. I was reading about images in WP (looking for the space upgrade which seems to have disappeared unless you previously bought one as the OH did which is very annoying) and discovered that resizing in WP Media library does NOT change the size on their server. So that is not the way to keep to small file sizes. I use an old version of MS Office which comes with Picture Manager and can compress my files to mere kbs. Pixlr is easy to use too. Do you have image editing software?


    1. Funny you should say that Jude. I noticed this afternoon, that the file size on the media library stays the same, whatever size I choose to use on the blog post. I do have Photoshop Elements, bought as a gift, and never used. Otherwise, I am trying to get my head around the technical side of digital photos, and where they apply to blogs, or sending attachments by e-mail.
      I am not sure how often I will post pictures, as it is all a novelty at the moment. But even with an upgrade, the space won’t last long, at the current rate.
      Keeping my temper. So far…x


      1. Photoshop Elements is pretty good Pete, that’s what I have. Pixlr (you can download it free) is VERY easy to use for basics – crop, resize and save an image. Resize to the proportions I mentioned before and then save as a medium file size – I use 9 or 10 I think which reduces it, but still leaves a decent image.

        If you want to make the files smaller on your blog, then you’ll need to remove the ones there already and then upload the edited ones.


        1. Thanks Jude, I will have a look at it, and see if I can get my head around it. I am not very computer savvy, as you know. Managing to create and publish the blog was the high watermark of my IT achievements so far!


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