Holiday time

Today is the 31st of August. It is a Bank Holiday (Public Holiday) in most of the UK too, the last one before Christmas. It is also the end of the school summer holidays, as the kids all have to go back to school later in the week. On top of that, it is the first day of our two-week holiday this year. (Well Julie’s at least, as I am always on holiday, let’s face it…)

So of course, it is raining. It has been raining on and off for twenty four hours, with a short intermission late last night, before returning with a vengeance in the early hours, and continuing as I type this. It is also surprisingly chilly, and it feels unusually cold in the house.

We normally like to take Ollie to the ‘All About Dogs’ show and exhibition at the Norwich Showground on this day. He sees hundreds of other dogs, and we get to browse all the pet accessories, and load up on free samples. That’s not going to happen today. The place would be a miserable washout, and my sympathies go to the exhibitors who have waited all year to entertain us, or to sell us things. Maybe next year, weather permitting.

I face the prospect of a reluctant wet walk with Ollie. As I hopefully scan the skies for the hint of a break in the weather, the TV weatherman dashes my hopes, when I hear the report coming through from the other room, at the end of the news.

Yesterday, we were pleased to attend the wedding of a friend, one of Julie’s work colleagues. It was very close by, only a couple of miles away, in an attractive converted barn. They had worked hard to create a special day for all concerned, and to choose a venue that would do justice to the occasion. Unfortunately, it began to rain as we left our house, and carried on raining until 10 pm. This meant no nice outside photos, no smiling guests milling around in the grounds by the lakes, or relaxing on the uncovered terrace. Undaunted, everyone had a great day. Photos were taken inside, nobody bothered about the weather, and the traditional wedding feast and party went off without a hitch.

Maybe we are just getting used to wet summers.

I might even stop blogging about rain. Who knows?


22 thoughts on “Holiday time

  1. Please send us a cloud. The people of Las Vegas are tired of applying sunscreen day in and day out. We’re also tired of the heat. We’re back into triple digit temps this week (102 to 107 degrees Fahrenheit), or, for those who understand Celsius, 38 to 41 C. Summer just doesn’t want to let go….


  2. Pete, don’t ever worry about ranting about the weather, as for the weather is always a major concern here, whether it’s gardening in the summer worrying about too much rain or too much heat, and in the winter well you know from my many comments on the cold and snow.. Checking the weather channel is the second thing I do every morning to see what type of day it’s going to be.. The first routine is of course a strong cuppa coffee.. 🙂

    Take care, stay reasonable dry, and happy blogging to ya, from Laura


  3. It was a holiday here too yesterday, it was National Heroes Day. Had a good bonding with Nate yesterday too and I posted all the pictures I took of him while playing 🙂

    Believe me, you will miss the rain when it stops. Ollie is always in 7th heaven rain or shine. Go, go Ollie.


  4. Sun just come out here today Pete and I agree that it felt very cold this morning. I drove back from Surrey yesterday. Started at 22 degrees and heavy cloud cover, by the time I reached Princes Risborough it was raining steadily and the temp had dropped to 18 degrees. By Warwick it was raining heavily, spray on the motorway reduced visibility to about 100 yards and the temp dropped further to 15.5 degrees and it really was “black over Bill’s mother’s” but on reaching the outskirts of Birmingham the rain stopped and the sun came out. By the time I reached Ludlow though it was back to normal. Grey and rain began about half an hour later… what a wash-out summer!

    And NO, you cannot stop posting about the rain. In an obscure kind of way your rain posts cheer me up!


  5. I’m on a plane, half an hour from a Houston landing and a transfer to Tuscon, Arizona . . I think it’s gonna be hot and very dry. In two weeks we’ll be in San Francisco and I gather there has been a dorught in California for almost three years! I invite you to come and join us for some rain free leisure time Pete . .
    Love and all the best Ro xx . . hope Julie and you have a good holiday


    1. Enjoy yourselves, my old friend. If I could seek the dry lands of Arizona, I would. But I am pleased for you, and happy that you and Christine will enjoy a dry and warm holiday. x


  6. I want to read a post about glorious sunshine and wonderfully pleasant walks with Ollie. Even if that means that we, in Athens, get rain. I’ve noticed that Greece and the UK have opposite weather. I’m willing to send you some sunshine just to make your day! 🙂 After all, a little rain won’t be bad for us. It hasn’t rained for almost two months (yes, it’s the Mediterranean, it usually doesn’t rain in summer).


    1. Thanks, Nicholas. I have to admit that I generally find Greece too hot in the summer. I just want some dry days, with sunny skies, like we had the weekend before. Not much to ask, when it is summer.
      Very best wishes to you and your family. Pete

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    1. I was just driving back from Dereham, (wipers on in the car, of course) thinking, ‘would it be my blog, without complaints about the driest county in England?’
      Perhaps I will carry on writing about it, if only for myself. Even at the risk of driving my blogging friends mad from boredom.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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