Thank you, unknown person

Just a short post, to thank someone. I have no idea who that person is, but they have been reading my posts. A lot. All of the Ambulance Stories category has been perused, as have many more normally dormant posts, from some time ago. My viewing figures have remained very high, despite a shortage of visitors. I can only surmise that one person, almost certainly in the UK, has been reading an awful lot of my blog.

So, whoever you are, many thanks. No comments or likes from you, but I hope that you enjoyed your extensive visit to my blog. Feel free to return anytime, and if you ever feel like it, please comment.

Best wishes, Pete.


13 thoughts on “Thank you, unknown person

    1. Thanks, Frank. It is strangely unsettling. Although very welcome of course, it makes me want to know who they are, for some reason.
      Hope you missed that hurricane.
      Regards from England. Pete.


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