Back in Beetley

Just back from our holiday, and lots to catch up on. Please bear with me, and I will try to make a dent in it over the weekend. Thanks for continuing to comment and read, even when I wasn’t here.
The big news is, IT DIDN’T RAIN!

Best wishes to all, Pete.


21 thoughts on “Back in Beetley

      1. Pete, indeed sad but true about closing my site on WordPress. Sometimes, things have a life span and my site found its ending. I’m still doing little video’s on YouTube and working on my novel again after a three year break. I’ll still be visiting WordPress to read your post as I find them all a breath of fresh air for me & I cherish your friendship as a blogger too. Take care and happy blogging to ya, from Laura ~


        1. Sorry to hear about you leaving your blog, Laura. I always enjoyed hearing about your life in Canada. I am delighted that you will stay around on mine though, as I would not want to lose our friendship.
          Good luck with that novel!
          Best wishes as always, Pete. X


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