Just caught up

Arriving back from holiday yesterday, I had 399 emails to work through, most of them blog-related. I started last night, sifting out those from companies and retailers, or those that didn’t need a reply. When I got tired of that, I left the rest until today.

Firing up the PC this morning, I was faced with 194 emails that needed some sort of action. Many were related to posts on blogs that I follow, others advised me about comments on my own blog, and a few were personal. I started in earnest around 9.30, working down the list, so the newest ones came first. I read the posts, followed the links, and liked or commented as appropriate. As fast as I replied, new ones were popping up, and by the time I had to get ready to take Ollie for his walk, over 100 still remained unanswered.

I was able to get back to the keyboard before 4 pm, working through them once again. When I was happy to start this post, I had done them all, save four personal ones that need a longer reply. But new ones were still arriving, and still are, as I type. This is not a complaint. I am pleased to follow a small number (30+) of blogs, as I enjoy their output, and missed it when I was away. I like to reply to all the valued comments on my own blog too, as it makes blogging the rewarding process it can often be.

So, I have finally caught up. I think I have covered it all, but if I have missed a comment, a reply, or the odd post, please forgive me. I did my very best. Back to normal service on Monday.

Best wishes to you all. Pete.


29 thoughts on “Just caught up

          1. You’ll get there Pete, too be honest I’m surprised that I have a 1000 followers. I never expected my blog to be successful, I’m happy to have been proven wrong.


          2. I am pleased for you mate, I really am. My blog has about 700 followers , (including Twitter and email) but to be honest, I can only count on less than 50 of them to actually view the posts, and make any contribution. Still, better to have 50 that do, than 650 who couldn’t care less, I am sure.
            Cheers, Pete.

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          3. You’re great Pete, one of my best followers who provides interesting topics of discussion with every comment. You rock dude, keep loving your peachy bum.


  1. Like David I am impressed by the way you respond to every comment on your blog and always leave a comment on mine (and presumably on other blogs you follow) and appreciate your responses. Nice to have you back. It is astonishing how much I miss my regulars!


    1. I miss everyone too, Jude, even though I don’t actually know them. As for my comments, I feel that it is the whole point of blogging, to both reply to comments, and to make observations on blogs that I follow. If we all stopped doing that, then the whole process would seem a little pointless, at least to me. x


  2. I wish I’d been a fellow guest at the restaurant where Ollie shared your and Julie’s anniversary meal.I’ve heard good things about Whitstable. As agreed before, littering is vile, and depressing. A manifestation of modern existential crisis? Civilization curdling? TAXI! Get me out of here!


    1. At least Whitstable was tidy, and the fish fresh and delicious. Best visited out of season I would say, though the busy industrial harbour and pebble beach are not to everyone’s taste.
      I think you would like it though, Pippa. x


  3. Relax Pete, you can always go back and read other blogs on your “not so busy” days. I’ve missed reading your posts though. By the way, you can change your setting with the blog posts of those you follow not appearing on your e-mail. What you will see there are those comments on your blog.


    1. Thanks, Arlene. I could change the settings, but on a daily basis, it is never a problem, as my blog is tiny in the grand scheme of things. I was just surprised by how many emails accumulated in a short time. However, I am aware that busy blogs have that and more, every day.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  4. If my blogs are anything to go by, you’ve done a magnificent job, Pete. I get that number of emails and more a day! I’m interested in far too many things, I guess. And, of course, I’m always searching for posts to reblog on FNH & R&V. I’ve made a rod for my own back. 399 for the week sounds positively enticing. šŸ˜€


    1. Thanks, GP. It is just that I normally deal with them as they arrive, and it never seems that much. People with busier blogs (like you) must be more used to it. Coming back from holiday made me realise how they pile up!
      Best wishes, Pete.


  5. I guess that’s the price of popularity and general involvement in social media. I will have to say that I’ve always been impressed (and pleased) by the fact that you respond to every comment on your blog. It looks like you’re “back in the saddle again.” Have a great week!


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