A not so country Country Park

When I dropped Julie off to meet her friend last week, I decided to take Ollie back to Gravesend, and give him a long walk around Jeskyns Country Park. We went there last year, and Ollie enjoyed all the new smells, as well as meeting some of the many dogs that are walked there.

The park is managed by the Forestry Commission, and offers structured walks, nature trails, activities for children, a tree nursery, and natural lake. There is also a handy cafe, and for a flat fee of £1.50 in the car park, you can stay for as long as you want. Despite the careful attention to detail from the Forestry Commission, the area feels a little hemmed in. On one side is the high-speed rail link for Eurostar, and on the other, the busy M2 motorway to the coast.

Ollie was oblivious to all this, and just enjoyed himself.


Just to our right was this imposing pylon. In dull weather, it looked a little sinister, and reminded me of something from a science-fiction film.


I was just about to take a photo of Ollie in front of the lake, when he ran off. I heard a splash, and he was in!


We were there for three hours, and managed to see it all in that time. Ollie thoroughly enjoyed his visit, and when we left to collect Julie from Bluewater, he settled down on his bed in the back of the car,.


16 thoughts on “A not so country Country Park

  1. There are quite a few pylons around Hoover Dam radiating out in all directions. Maybe I should join the Pylon Appreciation Society? I guess the least I could do is propose your photo for the Pylon of the Month award!


    Jeskyns Country Park is apparently an “island” getaway that offers a third choice to people on the move. Rather than driving like a bat out of hell (M2 motorway) or watching Superman fly faster than a speeding bullet (train) out of their Eurostar window, people can simply step through a forest of quiet pylon giants, leisurely walk a twisting network of nature trails, and even pause to skip a stone across a placid lake or take a photo of a camera shy Shar-Pei.

    Pete, I enjoyed your photos very much—Ollie, Splash Lake, Monty Pylon.


    1. I am sure that the pylon lovers would appreciate those around Hoover Dam, David. Given your proclivity for rhyming, I wonder how a pylon limerick would take shape? I look forward to seeing it!
      Best wishes, Pete.


  2. Lovely Ollie 🙂
    I once lived close to Gravesend – in a small village called Meopham – and enjoyed walks in the countryside around there. Gravesend was our shopping town and also where my second son was born. I also took a photo of a pylon when walking around Painshill Park in Surrey (also hemmed in by the A3 and M25). It seemed so out of place!


      1. We walked to the Leather Bottle across the fields and lanes, to see the pub that featured in Pickwick Papers. As I was pregnant at the time it was quite a slog! The thing I remember most about Meopham was how dark it was at night as there were no street lights.


  3. Sort of like letting a child run himself out of energy. Since the Eurostar and highway don’t bother the dogs, it sounds like a great place for Ollie and his friends to play.


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