Sandwich: The last nibble

This is the last selection of photos from our trip to this lovely old town. On this occasion, I have included three photos of more modern buildings in the town. Given the great age of most of the houses and public buildings there, the term ‘modern, is used advisedly.

From 1916 until 1928, The East Kent Road Car Company operated buses in and around the town. They provided a service to the nearby city of Canterbury, and to coastal towns such as Ramsgate, and Deal. This quaint little building served as both the ticket office, and public waiting room, and has been left in its original place, though somewhat abandoned to nature.


The wonderful Art Deco edifice of the Empire Cinema has stood since 1937. At night, it is still illuminated by the original green neon strip-lights outside. The cinema continues to operate to this day, showing mainstream films, as well as hosting a regular film club, for art-house screenings. I love this place, but couldn’t manage to get a photo of it without parked cars, as it is on a busy junction.


Bordering the river, heading west, modern houses have been constructed next to the pedestrian walkway. In keeping with the nearby architecture, they have been made to resemble boat houses, so fit in well with their surroundings. You can also see some house boats moored alongside.


So that is the end of our trip to Sandwich. If you ever find yourself in Kent, I can highly recommend a day trip to this fascinating ancient town. There is much to see and do there, and you will definitely not have a wasted journey.


17 thoughts on “Sandwich: The last nibble

  1. Theseus is in the river. Mercury Rising is ashore. Poseidon likes to ride bicycles. And Salmestone is just happy to be in Kent. These things I learned from your last photo. If I ever visited Sandwich, I would surely hang out along the river!


  2. We must have stood in the exact same spot for that last photo! There are some funny street names – Holy Ghost Alley, No Name Street, Short Street, Pillory Gate, The Butchery and Breezy Corner. I really must get around to writing about the town.


    1. It came before the food, V. It’s hard to shake our association with the snack, and think about the ancient origins though. This is the Wikipedia definition.
      ‘The name is of Old English origin, meaning ‘a trading-centre on sand’ (from wic, a special purpose building such as a trading post).’

      Cheers mate, Pete.

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  3. An interesting visit to Sandwich, having read your posts in my email the cinema comes out as the most desirable building. Although some of the Tudor buildings reminded me of the not so straight lines of our house! One thing the brits do well is history and it’s good to see so many surviving buildings, it would be great to see inside.


    1. Cheers, Eddy. At least all those Grade l/Grade ll Listing regulations work well, and ensure good upkeep. I love that cinema, and one of these days will get shots in a better light!
      All the best, Pete.


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