Blog grooming.

No, not the sort of sinister grooming sometimes found on the Internet, more the kind of grooming experienced by pets, when they go for a wash and brush up. Blogs need an occasional pampering, to bring them up to scratch. Over the last couple of days, I have been trying to do just that with this blog.

However, I now have 779 posts to tackle, so it is going to take a lot of time.

You Tube links tend to drop off, unannounced. As someone who adds many music videos and film clips to his blog, this necessitates having to keep looking back over those particular posts on a regular basis, to see if the video link has been removed, or deleted. When I discover a greyed-out panel, I have to edit the post, delete the failed link, then look around for something relevant to replace it; not always an easy process.

Then there are the glaring errors. The unforgivable spelling mistakes, missed spacing, and awful punctuation mishaps. It doesn’t seem to matter how many times I proof-read a blog post before publishing, these little gremlins sometimes slip through into the finished article. Changing my theme this year has meant that some older posts have migrated with lines overrunning the sidebars, and this has required attention.

Since I have started to add photos, (which have been well-received, so thank you all) I have become overly-conscious about using up too much of my allotted space. This has meant that I have been watching my allowance diminish rapidly, with a sense of alarm. However, I needn’t have been too concerned, as despite posting (for me at least) a lot of large-file photos, I am still using less than 15% of my allowance, so not unduly concerned for now.

I have seriously considered deleting some of my earlier posts, as well as some that are almost never read. This would save a small amount of space, and make things tidier. I could copy them all to an external hard drive, so they would not be lost, just not appear here. I haven’t done this yet, but the thought is there. Any opinions on that from anyone? Then there is the always troublesome subject of categories. Many posts are in two or three categories. After all, my thoughts on visiting a place or a country is an Opinion. It is also Holidays and Travel, and from my point of view, fits in to Nostalgia and Reflections. With a current total of eleven, I have less categories than many bloggers, but far more than some. I don’t know if I can face editing every post to re-categorise them though.

I am trying to use less tags. Looking at my first year of posting, I seemed to have been seized by a tagging frenzy. Almost everything mentioned in those posts is tagged, as if somehow relevant. I have now come to the conclusion that where tags are concerned, ‘less is more.’ I will not be de-tagging (or is that un-tagging? Should be ‘removing tags’, probably) though, as that would be far too tedious.

So after a few hours of skimming, not much got done. If my blog was a pampered pet, it would still be in need of more attention, and I would be wondering what the groomer had achieved, for their fee. It is always a worthwhile exercise though, having a good tidy up. Hopefully, it will lead to improvements in posts to follow. Or perhaps not.


33 thoughts on “Blog grooming.

  1. This is such a good idea Pete. I am wondering myself if I could do it too but thinking of a more than 1,700 blog posts to look into is a gargantuan task that I don’t want to think of 😦


  2. Whenever I see the word “groom” these days, I think of Groom Lake, the salt flat in Nevada where Area 51 is located. Obviously, I’m not a dog owner. As for the blog, I think addressing YouTube links and formatting/typographical errors is important. Beyond that, I’m not so sure. I know you have a second blog, so I’m wondering if, at some point in the future, you see space limits looming on the horizon, you couldn’t create a sister blog for one (or more) of your categories and provide links here whenever a new post is added there. Perhaps you could have a blog devoted solely to Ollie (“Ollie’s Corner”). Or one devoted solely to Significant Songs (“Pete on the Beat”). I do enjoy the photos, so I don’t want you to find yourself in a situation where you have to cut back on them.


    1. A new blog or blogs is indeed an option, David, and one that I will be exploring in the future. The idea of specific categories having their own blog is a good one, and I hadn’t thought of that, so thanks for the idea.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  3. I’m with you on this one, Pete. Sigh, so many hours spent tidying up and there’s still so much left. I have almost used all of the free volume offered by WP so I have to buy more space soon. Deleting the images makes no sense for our way of blogging, then the posts have to be deleted.It’ interesting to see what you readers think about this. Wishing you a lovely weekend, and Julie and Ollie too!
    Greetings from the Bavarian Alps,
    Dina x


    1. I hope that it is nice in the Alps, Dina. I think I will just go premium, when the time comes. It is not that expensive, and for a hobby like blogging, it is much cheaper than fishing, or going to a gym.
      Besides, your photos are far too good to be deleted! xx


  4. Rather you than me! Do you realise that the large-file photos need only be a couple of hundred KB (well under 1 mb) or less and still be as large for us to see as you’re currently adding. I don’t know what photo software you’re using but there should be a tool to reduce the resolution and pixel size. Then your bandwidth will reduce dramatically. Happy weekend!


    1. I am using no software, Sarah. My intention has always been to show the pictures as taken, straight jpegs from the camera, warts and all. I have been given lots of tips about reducing file sizes when I mentioned this previously. Maybe one day, I will do just that.
      Many thanks, Pete. x


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