Indian Summer in Beetley

The weather continues to be very kind to us here. No rain for a few days now, and chilly nights are followed by glorious sunny days. Even though it is now dark by, the benefit of the pleasant afternoons more than compensates for the onset of autumn.

Walking across to Wensum Way this afternoon with Ollie, I was pleasantly surprised by this display of sunflowers. They have been planted by the local farm, to provide ground cover for pheasant breeding, and with some accompanying deep blue wildflowers, offer a colourful break from all the greenery. This photo only shows about 10% of the area covered by the sunflowers.


I walked carefully into the centre of the area above, to get a single flower in close-up. If you enlarge this file, you will see that the detail has been nicely preserved.


On the way back from Gingerbread Corner, I was struck by the blue sky and fluffy clouds of this pastoral scene, across local fields. I still find it hard to imagine that this is just over the road from where we live.


The good news, is that this weather is expected to continue well into next week. It will hopefully provide many more photo opportunities, and allow Ollie and I to get out to some new places.

25 thoughts on “Indian Summer in Beetley

  1. Beautiful sunflowers, and I’m happy your weather has improved greatly and you have pleasant days out and about with Ollie… Take care and happy blogging to ya from Laura


  2. When I see sunflowers, I always think of Kansas, the “Sunflower State.” I magnified the photo, and was very much impressed by the detail. You really do have a wonderful camera! As for the weather here in Southern Nevada, summer has lingered through October 1st (high: 99 F / 37 C), but a cool wind arrived early in the evening, and now typical autumn temperatures are suddenly upon us (89 F / 31 C). It will, of course, remain sunny.It’s been a long hot summer, and I’m really looking forward to some fine Vegas weather!

    I’m glad to hear that you are experiencing an enjoyable Indian Summer!


    1. Glad you liked the photo, David. The camera is very good for the price, I agree.
      The pleasant weather is set to continue until the rain returns on Monday. But I am not complaining, it’s been a very nice break from the gloom!
      Best wishes, Pete.


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