Life, and nothing but

Do you ever feel that life is like some kind of fairground ride? The roller-coaster feelings that just dealing with life involves can leave you with those same stomach-churning after effects. You get on, pay your entrance fee, (by being born) but you have no idea if it will be the thrill ride you anticipated, or ultimately, just an annoying damp squib.

Things flash in and out of your life, like the scarier parts of the Ghost Train. You sort-of know that they are fake, but you go along anyway, just for the ride. When you go to the sideshows of your life, the shooting galleries, or hook-a-ducks of everyday existence, you hope to win a prize, but know deep down that the odds are fixed against you. When you buy a ticket for an excitable ride, promising to thrill, it rarely delivers.

These exhibits of the carnival replicate those in life. Candy floss is sweet and fluffy, smells wonderful, yet disappears in an instant. Hot dogs and burgers entice you with the aroma of frying onions, but leave you feeling greasy, queasy, and unfulfilled. Like life, funfairs display facilities that offer much, and deliver little; unusual experiences that feel contrived and somewhat fake. It seems to me that the carnival is like a mirror of life, promising thrills and excitements that are unrealistic, and difficult to achieve.

Nothing has happened today. Not a thing has gone wrong, and no event has occurred to make me feel this way. I have simply thought of life as like a funfair, with its not-so-thrilling thrill rides, and its promise of exotica that does not materialise. It is not a criticism, far from that. It is something simpler, and more obvious. It is a realisation, just that.


23 thoughts on “Life, and nothing but

    1. I hope that it passes, Abi. This post was more of a reflection, than a comment about any current frame of mind. It just popped into my head that day.
      Thinking positive thoughts for you!
      Best wishes, Pete.


  1. Fortunately, there are moments that deliver on their promise, or even surpass one’s expectations. The most intense moment of my life was probably the 20 minutes or so I spent piloting an ultralight (the company pilot sat in the other seat, ready to take control just in case I committed a potentially fatal blunder) on a blustery day in Southern Nevada.


    1. That does sound quite thrilling, David. I can recall some intense moments too, though this post was a general observation, rather than a specific one. Thanks as always for your considered comment.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  2. A lot to think about in such a short post Pete.
    Chatting up that girl; the thrill of the chase.
    Putting the needle on that new record.
    Doing something new.
    Discovering something new. Learning something new…………
    Life does not need to be a terrifying roller-coaster to be exciting and fun.
    Its also character building to not always win.
    We all have non-event days but then something happens that puts that twinkle back in the eyes and I have no doubt that as you tapped away on your computer today and then hit ‘publish’ you had a slightly wry smile just like you did at C4.
    Kind regards. Jim.


  3. I have a constant drive to achieve which sometimes distracts from the joy of the journey itself. I can’t find an allegorical fairground ride or meal which aptly illustrates.
    One thing is for sure, one never stops paying!


  4. Live life one day at a time so they always say. There are instances though when life surprises you with something that would make you really grateful you are alive. We always have our share of pain and disappointments, overall though, the blessing far outweigh the problems. Nice post Pete!


      1. Oh, it isn’t a bad routine; I really shouldn’t complain. It’s just too repetitive. I get good ideas, but my other-half doesn’t always have the will or the energy.


  5. I always know I’m doing the right thing when my life is boring. That is, no fanfare, no fireworks or excitement. Some days are just days with nothing to say about them. At least it didn’t rain!


  6. “life as like a funfair, with its not-so-thrilling thrill rides, and its promise of exotica that does not materialise”. Indeed Pete. Indeed.

    Regards from Florida


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