Ollie’s close-ups

When my friend Antony came to visit, he took lots of photos. One is the well-used picture of myself with Ollie, which I feature on my ‘About’ page. He also took two close-up shots that really show Ollie’s character. I know how much most of you love to see pictures of Ollie, because you tell me!

So, here are two portraits of my canine companion for you to enjoy. These are huge files, and if you enlarge them you will be able to appreciate the detail.


And a slight turn of the head…


This photo is not actually of Ollie, but is identical to how he looked as a young pup. I found it on the web, and was amazed by the similarity. Julie has many shots of Ollie on her mobile phone, so one day, I will put them on the PC, and show you an Ollie gallery.



20 thoughts on “Ollie’s close-ups

    1. No, my friend Antony was sitting looking down on him. I think that he expected a treat of some kind, instead of a Fuji X-100! I am very pleased that you are enjoying the photos, and happy to feature Ollie too, of course.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  1. Who is a pretty boy then? Great photos. Really made me smile. I had my first ever driving lesson today. I did ok but mentally exhausted by the end of the two hours. I had lots of fun and didn’t die. Result. 😁 K

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    1. That’s good news, Keith. It will only get easier, I assure you. Send me an email, let me know what car you were in, and how you got on with your instructor, etc.
      Cheers mate. Pete.


  2. I’m glad you managed to keep Ollie off your furniture. We had similar aspirations when we got our dog, but we eventually managed to save for us just the living room sofa. All the other places are now dog-owned.

    She just loves to move from the sofa to her beds (yes, she has 3 of them, because we have an office in the house, so she has a bed in the office, as well!) and back to the sofa and perhaps a little bit on the cushion in front of the fireplace (which is also half-property of the two cats) and back again. I bet you can see a pattern emerging.

    Enjoy life with Ollie, he is fantastic!


    1. Thanks, Nicholas. Ollie has two beds, one for use during the day, in the living room, and a thicker bed in the kitchen, where he sleeps at night. He has never even tried to get on the furniture, though Julie used to cuddle him on her lap, when he was tiny.
      They all have their routines, moving from one spot to another, at certain times. I would love to know what they are thinking!
      Best wishes as always, Pete.

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  3. I can see why Julie fell for him as a puppy, he looked like a faux fur rug, all velvety and soft. But the size of those paws indicate a BIG dog! Tell me does he shed a lot of hair? I always thought that short-haired dogs didn’t shed much hair, but have since realised that is not the case.


    1. He does moult, at least twice a year. He can throw off a considerable amount of short brown hair, which is a real chore to get off the carpets. Luckily, we have leather furniture, so it doesn’t attach to that. (Besides, he isn’t allowed on it…) There are also the times when he has skin problems, and they can cause the hair to fall out in clumps. Not as bad as some long-haired breeds, of course.
      The pup photo is from the web, as I said, but he was just like that, including the big feet, which didn’t grow along with the rest of him. x

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