Significant Songs (91)

The Night Has A Thousand Eyes

Before the impact of groups like The Beach Boys, and The Mersey Sound and The Beatles changed music for ever, there was Rock and Roll, with huge stars such as Buddy Holly, Bill Hayley, and Elvis Presley. For youngsters who were not quite ready for the gyrating hips of Presley, but considered Sinatra and Frankie Laine to be music for their parents, there were the teen idols, the heart-throbs adored by young girls, and envied by young boys. Clean-cut, good-looking, and accepted by all generations, they were the ‘nice boys’ of pop.

In 1961, before my tenth birthday, Bobby Vee released the tear-jerking pop ballad, ‘Take Good Care OF My Baby.’ This was a huge hit on both sides of the Atlantic, and began a career that would see the 18-year old from North Dakota become a worldwide star. He had started out some years earlier, when he formed a band with friends, in his home town of Fargo. Although his popularity faded during the early 1970s, he continued to tour, and remained popular with a loyal fan base until he retired from the music scene in 2012. He was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease at the time, but is still alive today, aged 72.

The track that follows was released in the UK around the time of my eleventh birthday, in March 1963. Although the genre had already seen its heyday, I was taken with this song at the time, and I still find it popping into my head at least once a week. It speaks to me of a time and place in my life, when I was changing, along with the music and culture all around me.

21 thoughts on “Significant Songs (91)

  1. Reminds me of a Thunderbirds puppet. Not necessarily a bad thing. Comment absolutely doesn’t deserve an answer, but is sent with love and best wishes as ever!


  2. Ah, the memories…. Our cable TV has channels with all types of music – mine is set on just these types of oldies. They play Bobby Vee quite often!! Thanks for a morning dose of the past, Pete!


  3. I could relate to this. I often hear his songs being played on the radio during weekends, you know that non-stop 60’s and 70’s music. I hope you’ll also write about the British Invasion, those artists whose songs and albums are still popular until now. Is Bobby Vee included in the list?


  4. I used to love this production back then. Isn’t it interesting that in the video he never makes eye contact with the camera. I suppose we are meant to believe that it is a live performance, mind you, what difference this makes I don’t know!

    Remember ‘Rubber Ball’? Bobby had a very good production team behind him.

    After all these years I’m still asking the question . . why did you not become a DJ Pete?


    1. I wasn’t quite so fond of ‘Rubber Ball.’ (‘Bouncy, Bouncy’) However, I thought his vocals on this, and ‘Take Good Care…’ were actually very good, and much better than he got credit for.
      This was actually released to accompany the record, a very early pop video, made to look like a stage performance. I don’t know about the eye contact. Maybe he thought his profile was better from that side? There are other videos of the song he made, very cheesy ones. Worth a look on You Tube.
      I suppose being a DJ might have been a good choice for me, but not on a mainstream station playing what I had to play, just from the charts. If it was just a random eclectic mix, that might have worked for me. x


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