A Fictional pause

Over the last seven days, I have posted five lengthy fiction pieces, in the form of short stories. Almost 10,000 words in total, and not an image or photo to break them up. I would like to thank everyone who took the time to read them, and those who commented, or offered criticism. I do not consider myself to be a writer of fiction. My blog is mostly in the form of a diary, with occasional recollections, and reviews of music and films. Similarly, I do not consider myself to be a photographer, but I have recently enjoyed posting some photographs; of this area, my travels to Kent, and of course Ollie, our dog.

Writing those short stories was harder work than I had imagined. Even though I have posted some previously, I had forgotten about the research, corrections, proof-reads, and adjustments necessary to make something relatively short at least appear to make some sense. They came from ideas or memories of events, and were approached without the care that I know some others take. I was striving for some immediacy, getting down what I was remembering, or imagining, when it still seemed fresh in my mind.

For those of you who are not that interested in fiction, or do not have the time to wade through 1900 words, I have some good news. I am having a break from fiction for a while, at least until new ideas make themselves known to me. The blog will be resuming ‘normal service,’ starting now. Thanks once again to those who emailed me, or sent words of encouragement through comments.
You genuinely made me feel that it had all been worthwhile.



27 thoughts on “A Fictional pause

  1. Pete, it goes without saying that I enjoy reading your fiction. You do have a knack for writing that should not be ignored. So while I look forward to “normalcy” in your blog, I also will keep an eye out for future short stories that I am sure to relish.


  2. Pete I’d love to read your short stories and I will do! I feel quite ignorant in saying I had no idea you wrote fiction. It’s something I’d love to try and do as well, though, like you, I have never really thought of myself as a fiction writer, more non-fiction articles – like a blog I suppose!

    I have ideas for characters and scenes but I’m not very good at constructing it all together. And I’m a bit lazy which doesn’t help.

    Say hi to Ollie for me! *waves*



    1. Just click on fiction in the categories, Em. (When you have time, some are quite long) The experience is good training for all writing, I suppose. And I am sure that you could manage 1500-2000 words and stay interesting. I have faith in you! x


  3. I was not one who gave criticism or comments on your fiction and for that I apologize. But, I am neither a writer nor a critic and since we have become friends, I left the stories with a ‘Like.’ I raed and enjoyed each one, and truly don’t care if grammar, spelling or anything else is corrected – to me it is all about the story-line. I think maybe that’s why I do enjoy Ollie’s walks the most!!


  4. Nicely done Pete. I have only been able to write “short stories” based loosely on some historical event – they are part truth and part make believe, but plausible make believe. Haven’t done any recently though. I enjoyed yours. Regards


  5. I haven’t read the others yet actually, just came back to check my WordPress blog. My PC is acting up again. Keep those posts coming Pete. Just realized I am commenting from my new WordPress blog 🙂


  6. Hi Pete: I’ve read and enjoyed them all, the science fiction piece being my favourite. I can sympathise with the fact that so much research and proofreading is involved (Spellcheque is a waste of time) but look forward to their return. Brian x


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